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Que tal peeps!

I'm going to be something drastically different. I have noticed that many people who are on my taglist are no longer active or less active.

I've bee wresting with this amd thought about leaving Vingle. I share many of my fanfictions on here due to the interaction and demand. However, I love Vingle too much to leave.

So these are the things that I am going to do as it pertains to my fanfictions.

1. I might be extra slow updating stuff on Vingle. I will take more energy to get my beauty blog on point and work on the House of Exctessy webpage.

2. I will update more of my fanfictions on the House of Exctessy's webpage. If anyone wants to check out the updates to many of my fanfictions they will be able to catch them
there quicker than on Vingle.

Some Stories that I'm brining onto The House of Exctessy Webpage Are Below.


link to card with webpage info

So I hope you all will support me still. The E Squad will also make submissions for the website too!

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I've always enjoyed your stories but I've been thinking the same... I'll support whatever you decide to do 😢
7 months ago·Reply
I will support You.
7 months ago·Reply
where can I find the Web page
7 months ago·Reply
I will release that info soon
7 months ago