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Genre(s): Romance, Tragedy, Character Death, Time Travel AU, Angst, Dimensions?
Pairing: Jimin X Reader
Chapters: 10/? ( Not counting the Prologue)
Summary: Y/N goes back in time to fix something but things don't turn out quite the way she planned..

A/N: Ya'll I'm back and shit's about to go down, brace yourselves. I swear if I don't live up to my own promise I'm going to kick myself. I've stalled long enough, here is the long awaited chapter. But we still have a long way to go afterwards...That picture isn't mine by the way.

EDIT: Halfway into writing this I realized something and I already kicked myself for it, but I gotta save the action for another chapter. Cuz this one is a development chapter...Sigh.


Jimin's POV

" It's really weird."

" What happened? Where did she go?" Hobi looked up with curiosity.
" I'll tell you guys tomorrow, she's right behind me." As if on cue, the doorknob began to jiggle. Everybody scrambled to their rooms while I tried to wrestle my shoes off. I had just gotten them off when the door suddenly opened. I sprinted to the kitchen and pretended I had just gotten up in case she wandered in.

But she didn't. And I watched her sneak back into her room.

Just who the hell has she been talking to on that phone to make it so secretive that she would have to keep it from all of us?

Jimin's POV
The day went by weird. It was awkward. We all knew about Y/N's nighttime trips but nobody dared speak up and ask about it. But all of us were on the edge throughout the whole day, every once and a while we'd all look at Y/N as if she were about to pull a gun on us or something.

This continued all the way until Y/N was just about to leave on yet another midnight adventure. Which of course, I was responsible for reporting again.

As I did the night before, I followed Y/N all the way to the phone booth, watched her wait for a call and watched her pick it up in less than a heartbeat, a gleeful smile on her face.

I waited for a few seconds. Suddenly, she jumped up and began yelling excitedly into the phone.


" Really?! Are you sure it's going to work?"

" No, of course not. Like I said, I can't really test it."

" So, I'm going home then?" Couldn't help the smile on my face.

" Yeah. You're coming back." Namjoon said. He sounded a little off, though. " Are you going to be alright?"

" Alright? What do you mean by that?"

" We spent almost years trying to bring him back..." He trailed off, like he didn't know where to go with the sentence. " Nevermind. The machine is pretty much ready, uh...I just gotta figure out how to connect the two dimensions now... I guess I'll get back to you in a few da-" I hung up.

Namjoon's words weighed heavy on me.

What was I doing? What was all of this for?

I had spent years trying to get here and now I was already trying to leave after a few days?

After all, Bora had been so nice, the guys were still so happy and...

We were all together again. Something that rarely ever happened back in present time since Jimin's accident.

Jimin...I had come all the way here just for him but I was about to leave all of them in a heartbeat because of my own selfish reasons. All of this was selfish of me. What was I thinking? I couldn't have both worlds. But I couldn't stay in this one forever.

At least, I should make the moment last as long as possible right?

I walked out of the phone booth. And made my way back to Bora's house.

Jimin's POV

Y/N stopped going out at midnight.

She started talking more. And she would suggest going out somewhere everyday and spending time together. On one end, it was really sweet of her and it was definitely bringing all of us closer than ever, but on the other it was kind of suspicious. What was up with the sudden social attitude and confident kindness?

One day, I just happened to wake up late and discovered that everyone left to go shopping and didn't bother to wake me. Thanks guys.

But, Y/N was still home too. It was both comforting and uncomforting. But I kept my thoughts positive and placed a lot of trust into Y/N's sweet personality.

Especially when she came shuffling out of her room with a slightly messy bed head, baggy clothes and rubbing her tired eyes with cute little sweater paws.

" Hey, Y/N..."

" Oh, Good Morning, Jimin." She mumbled, walking over to where I was sitting on the couch. I paid no mind to it, thinking she was just going to sit somewhere next to me, but she laid down right in my lap. I tensed and blushed red completely.

" U-Uh Y-Y/N?"

" Yes, Minnie?" I don't think she knows what she's doing. Maybe she's still asleep?

" W-Wha- What are you d-doing?" I stuttered, trying to look for a way to move away. But I kind of didn't really want to. But didn't this count as taking advantage of her or something?

" Trying to sleep."

" Bu-But you're on my lap." I pointed out rather obviously.

" Fine, I'll go back. " She sighed, getting up from my lap. I almost sighed in relief but then she wrapped her arms around my neck and climbed into my lap, burying her face in my neck. " In five more minutes. " If I wasn't blushing hard enough before, I was definitely about to explode now.

" Y-Y-Y/N!"

" Aish, you're so loud." She whined, squirming around. " Fine, fine. I'll go back now." She made a move to get up but pulled my face down and kissed me first. " I love you, Jiminnie." It wasn't a long one, but it froze me completely. Just one peck and then she was up and shuffling back to her room, leaving me confused out of my mind.

Did Y/N just kiss me? And now all of sudden she loves me?

What the Hell just happened?


It wasn't until I settled completely that I realized what just happened. That wasn't a dream, was it?

" Shit!" I sat up, grabbing my hair in frustrated realization. " What the fuck did I just do?!"

A/N: Honestly, I really wasn't planning on doing that whole kissy kiss scene, but while I was writing the top half of this story, totally ready to do the whole machine sendy back thing, I realized that I hadn't added any time she spent in Jimin's world. Like, she gets there and then she leaves right away? What the hell? So I needed to add something about the time and things she does in Jimin's World. But I just didn't know what to write about and suddenly I started writing about her being cute and tired and then an idea just grew from there. Sorry I didn't live up to my promise about this being an action chapter, I seriously don't even know when I'll even get to that now. So I'm not going to make any more promises that I can't keep. You all are just gonna have to wait and find out yourself mwahahaha...

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