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This weekend I went to a cafe called Peach Gray that I am absolutely in love with!

It's a completely normal cafe that happens to also serve yummy pancakes, but they give you a little something extra that makes this place absolutely amazing.
With any thing you order on the menu, they give you a tray filled with watercolors and a water color brush pen (which if you dont know what that is, watch the video and prepare to be amazed!)

It was so calming and lovely!

Here's the video plus some footage at one of my favorite museums in Seoul!

Who else thinks this is heaven?

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I like to be your friend
6 months agoReply
I'd really love to go that place since i draw and water paint often, you should post the direction so its easier to find 馃憤馃槑
6 months agoReply
something that will make you feel better
5 months agoReply
omg I would so love to go their thats like an artest dream
5 months agoReply