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In this series I want to highlight albums and mini albums that are gorgeous from start to finish.

I don't often listen to a full Kpop album, but there are some that are SO GOOD I have to listen from start to finish. Here are a few of my absolute favorites :)

I'll post a new recommendation every Sunday night!

Find my first album recommendation here!!!

This time I'm talking about the debut album for WINNER!

First off, I love when a group is heavily involved in their music.
As you can see from the tracklist, the members (and iKon members!) were involved in the composing and writing on the song and lyrics!!!

I genuienly can't pick a favorite song, but their first single 'Empty' is a great place to start:

If you want to seriously pick up the pace, Mino's solo is FIRE.

Don't Flirt is a much more fun and playful song :)

"But" is another favorite track of mine!

But really, I'd suggest listening to this entire album from beginning to end! There are so many different feelings in this album and I can't get enough :)

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This is literally my favorite kpop album ever. I have every single song memorized, Different is my favorite, and But is too. Such a beautiful and musical album. Pity it wasn't more famous. Obey Kpopandkimchi and listen to this album people, you will fall in love!!!