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Hello beautiful ARMY!!! Violet here once again to share what is going on in the BTS community this week !!!! For this week's theme we have a very special screen shot game for each member in the works so look forward those all week! ♡

In BTS news !!! Wow... a LOT has happened this week!!!! This week was the start of the 2017 BTS FESTA celebration !! How are you all liking it so far ?! There is still more to come ! I'll make sure to keep everyone posted ! Also, our very own boys got to throw the first pitch at a Tigers game in Japan ! How cool is that ?! Amazing!! I'll leave a few links if you guys want to check everything out !

Before i end this card, i would like to say HAPPY 3 YEAR BTS JAPAN DEBUT ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!! That is all.. Have a beautiful rest of the week everyone !!! ♡♡


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