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This was so funny, I've never seen them that awkward and confused before!!!

SHINee is known for being SUPER in sync, and they complete their choreo perfectly regardless of stage accidents all the time.

But when asked to switch parts, they pretty much lose their minds.


these poor boys lol!
bahah its funny since they are so good at fixing choreo in the moment XD
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haha I know if they are rehearsing and some one is missing its actually minho who usually stands in for them XD
Lol love it. they should already know most of the parts even if they switch places because they all doing the same moves but in different positions and one of them in different dance counts when doing a different move so one stands out when they sing...anyways it was good watching this, one of the joys of my day :)
I find this funny. they love to say that they are right. I remember their first time on weekly idol, because they made their mistakes seem like it was the true.
Them not trying is still better than me trying my hardest fml