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With DAY6 currently voting on a fandom name, I've been thinking a lot about the ones that already exist.

So, I have 3 questions (you don't have to answer all) -

1. What's your favorite fandom name?
2. What's your least favorite?
3. Which fandom name would you like to change?

Leave your answers in the comments or make your own card!!!

1. Favorite Name

Perhaps it is because I am totally biased, but I genuinely love the fandom name for VIXX. Starlights are gender-neutral and age-neutral. It isn't trying to make us like VIXX's lovers or something lol. And they keep to the theme realy well with their concerts, merchandise, and even songs! So yeah, Starlights is my favorite name!

2. Least Favorite Name

I can't really think of a least favorite, but I think Boyfriend's is sort of hilarious. It's like the freind-zoned all of their fans by calling them Best Friends HAHAHAHHA but really I do think its cute, just funny to think of it as friendzoning :)

3. Which to change?

Honestly, Red Velvets could be something different and more fun! Like, REVELUV? I think we could be more creative than that :) Even something as silly as "Icing" because really, what is red velvet cake without its icing?
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1. Would agree with Starlight. Because its something that is so easy to create songs about their fanbase, and its super creative! 2. At first, i didnt like 2ne1's fandom name. Don't get me wrong, I love the group and their songs, but with a fandom name like BlackJack, i felt that I was about to get gambled away as a fan. Now, ofc, its like watevs, but at first, that was my feelings. 3. The one fanbase name that I kind of find weird is Inner Circle (Winner). Like what does it mean? Is it a code for something? Because I don't get it.
I agree!! Inner circle sounds like Winners circle
1. Favorite is probably snsd's sone. 2. Least favorites are exo-l, best friend, and MeU because I kinda think having a name like boyfriend and their fans be best friend is kinda lame lol, and the other two had better names that the fans unofficially came up with that I loved so much but was disappointed like "Exotics" and I can remember the f(x) one. Although MeU fans were saying also doubles as the Greek "mu" so that makes it better, I just love the math theme of the name and was hoping they had something again like that for the fan name. 3. Name to change would probably be ELF because they're my top favorite group and it's an ok name but I wasn't too excited about it at first and there are better ones out there.
See, Boyfriend's orginal fanbase name was Girlfriend, but then because they realized they also had fanboys, they changed it something more gender neutral. Though, I have to agree, Best Friend was a mistake, because we are now in the friendzone
Also I thought Day6's fans were Sundays? Maybe that's just from the fans.
I like that name too
1. KNK's fandom name, Tinkerbell, is my favorite. Albeit, it's not exactly gender neutral, the idea behind it is so cute. Like yes I will protect and care for you as Tinkerbell does for Peter Pan. ☺️💜 But also, 'starlights' has always been my first love 😍 2. I can't think of one I dislike 3. I think Exo-l could be more creative but i absolutely adore Exo
1. BIG BANG, VIP/ 2NE1 BLACKJACK ....21 and BLACKJACK honestly just goes together and freaking telling people you're a VIP IS ACTUALLY THE BEST lol ~~ 2.BlackPink... BLINK. I remember wait for the fandom name and when they first released it ...i actually didn't believe it lol 3. actually I don't really want to change any fandom names lol