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This story is rated M due to the mention of death...

Chapter One

A strange tingling in her left arm caused Melinda to wake up. “What the heck Jin! Cut it out!” Jin’s laughter came to a stop when Star knocked him upside the head. “Don’t be a but face.” Melinda stuck her tongue out, pulling out her school book. Star and Jin did the same and the three started reading.
“ Good morning class.” Their teacher greeted them eagerly. “I want to congratulate Star, Jin, and Melinda as the three have been invited to the City of Death to represent our school this year.” The three stood up looking shocked. “The will leave next week so be sure to congratulate them and say your goodbye as their return is unknown. Now go chance for training.” Melinda looked at the two, “Would it be rude to decline our maker’s offer?” Star stopped walking and grabbed Melinda. “Extremely rude.” “Death might even be your punishment.” Jin added on. Melinda let out sigh. “I don’t want to leave the village. Plus who is to say we won’t die on the journey to City of Death?” Star looked in Melinda’s eyes, “Maker wouldn’t kill us.” Jin nodded. “ Maker loves us.”
Their school day ended quickly and to both Star and Melinda’s surprise Tiffany, Star’s mother, is there to pick both of them up. After her parents disappeared, Tiffany took Melinda in. This wasn’t a shock to the villagers as Tiffany was close to Melinda’s mother. The two parents had a relationship that Star and Melinda somehow managed to mimic without even knowing about it. Tiffany hugged both girls then rushed them to the car. “Father is home and is every proud of you both.” Star looked at Melinda as her eyes changed colors. This was something Melinda’s body was doing a lot lately, changing, but Star said nothing and continued staring out the window.
Upon the three’s arrive to the house, Star’s father had cake and icecream set out, villain for Star and strawberry of Melinda. The family sat down and began celebrating. The City of Death was home to only those who showed high skill levels in collecting souls. Only once year did the city invite potential students in, and this only happened once in a student’s life time. Not much is know about what the students due while in the city but student’s stays always varied and some never came back. Melinda pushed her thoughts on the city to the back of her head and enjoyed the celebration at hand. “We will go shopping for new clothing Friday. You both need new training gear.” Tiffany said. Star sighed and pulled out the letter the teacher had given the two about their stay.
Dear parents and student,
Congratulations on your invite to City of Death.This letter is to outline the rules of your stay.
The rules are subjected to change depending on the group of students entering the city. Please prepare for your leave and arrive at your school promptly.
Tiffany sighed, I guess that means no shopping.

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