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Sorry For Updating These So Late, I Couldn't Think Of Anything Decently Funny To Write xD



Jimin: "I Just Wanted One"

Jungkook: "No"

[Places Cookies On Top Of Fridge]

Jimin: "I Hate You" [Pushes Him]

[Pushes Back]

[Tackles Each Other To The Ground]

Taehyung, in the background: *makes weird noises. mp4*



Jungkook: Let's Bang Today

Jungkook: *Hang

Jungkook: Ignore That

Jungkook: Or Don't... Ur Choice ;-)

Jungkook: But The 1st Option Sounds More Fun ❤

Jimin: I'm Blocking & Deleting U


Jungkook, sighing: "They Don't Understand How Much It Hurts..."

Jungkook: "Being Called A Coconut Everyday..."

Jungkook, sighing once more: "You Know Where I'm Coming From, Right?"

Coconut: "...Yeah..."


Yoongi: "Who Ate All The Damn Lamb Skewers?"

Jungkook: "Oh No"

[Hides Behind Jimin]

Yoongi: "Ok... If You're Gonna Hide, At Least Hide Behind Something Bigger"

Jimin: "...I See How It Is..."


Fan: "Jungkook Oppa!" ^^

Jungkook, in mic: "I'm Not Your Oppa..."

Fan: "I Thought You Wanted To Be My Oppa"

Jungkook, raises eyebrow: "When Did I Say That?"

[Fan Pulls Out Speakers]

[Boy In Luv Plays]

[Song: "I Wanna Be Your Oppa"]

Yoongi: "This Tea Though..."


Jungkook, gasping: "Hyung, There's A Bug On Your Face!"

Namjoon​: "Wha-"

[Jungkook Slaps Him]

Jungkook: "It's Gone Now" ^~^

Namjoon: "I'm... WTF Is Your Problem"


Jungkook, bites lip: [Seductively] "I Wanna Play~"

Taehyung: [Husky Tone] "Thought You'd Never Ask.."

[Enters The Bedroom, Hand In Hand]

Jungkook: "Shit Hyung..."

[Watches Taehyung Start Up Overwatch]
A/N: I'm so sorry for this sjahkjaj


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Gotta love Yoongi's snarkiness 😂🖤 Poor little Jimin 😍