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Aww yeah, here we go! It's Man Crush Monday time and I'm super excited to be highlighting some of my favorite tsundere boys! Tsunderes are typically girls, but I think blushing tsundere boys are just the cutest! >.<

Naturally, with a theme like this, I couldn't just pick one, so I went with a little mini harem on this one (though I think an actual harem of tsunderes is probably a bad idea, especially considering half of these are a bit yandere as well...)!

Inuyasha - Inuyasha

My first pick is textbook tsundere! Inuyasha is a half demon, so as an outcast, he kinda just looks out for himself and pretends he's mean to everyone else, but he can't hide how much he really cares, especially when it comes to Kagome! Totally tough on the outside and a softy on the inside!

Killua Zoldyck - Hunter x Hunter

I couldn't not include my Killua in this one! Especially since my brother finally caved and started HxH, so I've kinda been following his progress! He's really kinda all the -deres, and he's really kinda a reverse tsundere: it's not like he denies or tries to hide how much he cares for Gon, but he gets super embarrassed and defensive about it, and I love it!

Hikaru Hitachiin - Ouran High School Host Club

Next up we have this mischievous twin! I think I largely picked him just because of that one episode where his brother Kaoru tricked him into a date with Haruhi (One of my favorite episodes of anime ever; also total OTP, I will go down with HikaHaru ship!) Even before Tamaki recruited him as a host though, he was always kinda cold and closed off to anyone but Kaoru. Definitely tsundere!

Mystic Messenger Double Feature!

If you know me, you know I don't like to double up on the same franchise for these things. I'm also a bit apprehensive when covering MysMe characters since it's not technically anime or even Japanese, but oh well! I was just gonna do one with a mention of the other, but I couldn't really stop!

Jumin Han

It was kinda tough finding art for this since most focuses on his more yandere side, but he's gotta be RFA's token tsundere! He's cold and calculative and doesn't seem to really care about anything but his cat. Really he's a big ball of bottled up emotions, but you can totally tell he's actually really sweet and caring underneath it all! I think it's so cute when anyone calls him nice and he just brushes it off, saying he's just being proper or just doing it because V asked or what have you!


Finally we have Agent 707! I was only going to mention him rather than giving him a full spot because he's really not tsundere by nature but is forced to be because of his occupation. It's totally obvious that he has feelings for MC, but he spends the better part of his route denying them and pushing her away because letting her be close to him would put her in danger. It actually kinda hurts being on the receiving end of the tsun tsun rather than observing from the outside, even knowing this, but he's worth it!
Hope you enjoyed! Who's your tsundere man crush?
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