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Imagine the perfect beach side date with Park Jimin... BUT THEN OUT OF NOWHERE .. It starts raining !!! .. Welcome to A Series Of Unfortunate Events SSG BANGTAN EDITION!

☆This is just for fun and laughs! Enjoy everyone!!☆

1) Jimin finally asks you out to get coffee, at the cafe shop you bump into:

And he invites them to join you.

2). First BTS concert you attend and during the encore he spots you but:


3.) Jimin buys you a cake for your birthday but suddenly:


4). You are cooking a surprise dinner for Jimin in their dorm but then:


5). Jimin has finally got free time from his busy schedule so you two plan the most perfect date but on the way there you realize:


Ouch !!! These even hurt me !! xD LOL i hope you guys had fun! Look forward to each member this week !! Like always we encourage you to post your results if you'd like we would love to see them !! (Make sure to tag the BTS Mod Squad)

*Also a quick shout out to @IsoldaPazo for helping me out with this card, love you girl! ♡*

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So he invites my ex to join, then during the concert the lights turn off, i sneeze on the cake, forgot my deodorant, and his roommate was home before him.... 1. My ex wouldn't agree to come ;) 2. I light up my face with my phone so he sees me. 3. My sneezes are cute, so he'd probably smile. 4. I keep travel deodorant in my purse for such times. 5. His roommate will need to go find a sauna. lol 😎
Me allergic to cake? I love cake