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This is pretty random but i've decided to post a card to support my amazingly talented cousin!!! My cousin (non kpop fan) fell in LOVE with KARD recently, and he also happens to be a dancer. He decided to create original choreo for Don't Recall (hidden ver) *Welcome to kpop hell cousin* The reason he decided to go with self made choreo instead of a full on cover is because he didn't want to take the original choreo for himself because he thinks the dance suits no one else better than KARD themselves. Without further ado, here is his cover. I promise you won't regret watching it !! :D

K.A.R.D - Don't Recall *Hidden Ver* (Original Choreo) Dance Cover

What did you think ?! Hope you guys liked it !! ♡

*A special thanks to the amazing @IsoldaPazo for letting me use her taglist!*

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OMG wooooooooooow I absolutely love it!!!! that vid alone made me wanna subscribe to ur YouTube 😀😶😊❤ I think did wonderful with the choreo and if it's you and ur cousin dancing in the video you both had amazing moves and a great family chemistry you guys work well as partners
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will do ! Thank you so much !!! 😊😊
wow thats super good! I support!!!!
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Really? Thats amazing i'll talk to my cousin! Thanks !!! 😊😊😊😄😄