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0:00 ~ 0:09 YD: Don’t listen, don’t be hurt. If you give me the answer now, then I can’t ask you anymore ES: Do you consider that to be a conversation? YD: Do you really like Kim Tan? 0:09 ~ 0:14 KT’s Stepmother: Let me see that note. Give it to me! KT’s mother: What are you doing to our ajumma? KT’s Stepmother: You’ve put a person to spy on me KT’s mother: Ahhhhh! 0:14 ~ 0:21 KT: If you turn around, I’m going to hug you from your back. If you talk back at me, I’m going to kiss you KT’s Mother: What are you two doing. Have you gone out of your mind? Are you dating without me knowing? 0:21 ~ 0:33 ES: Do you really have to do this? Is this the truth that you wanted to convey? YD throws ES into the swimming pool YD: The thing I’ve just done to you now, Kim Tan will do the same. YD: Perhaps ES have to experience something that he did to someone as well. KT: Shut that mouth of yours.
yu hoo~so excited <3
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