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With all the shit going on with T.O.P lately, I didn't want to believe this.
Like whyyyyyyyy?!
I understand that marijuana is seen differently by each individual, but for me, I honestly don't care about it.
I don't smoke, but I don't see it as anything majorly harmful.
T.O.P is just dealing with so much shit that I don't think is even worth it.
There are actual crimes and shit going on in the world. People should focus on that.
I feel bad for him and wish I could be there for him, so this didn't happen. :/
I'm also praying it wasn't a drug overdose, but we won't find out until the results come out.
Let's just all keep him in our thoughts and pray for him to wake up soon. ♥
his body is being responsive but hes not consious yet when i read the soompi update
Yeah, I read that too. I hope he gets up soon.
read that also, still needs positive feedback so he knows that we are all behind him. sending him love through this stressful time.