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A few years ago a product emerged out of MIT's SENSEable Lab that would have revolutionized reliable transportation. It was called the Copenhagen Wheel and it turned any bicycle into an electric bicycle. Unfortunately the Copenhagen Wheel never came to market. But the entrepreneurial spirit in this project is not dead! A group of Slovenian's created a product called the FlyKly Smart Wheel which is a lighter, sleeker version of its big sister, the Copenhagen wheel. The FlyKly Smart Wheel does much more than 'just' turn a bicycle into a two-wheeled electric machine of the future. The FlyKly comes with a smart phone application that tracks your route, sets the motor's speed, tracks your routes and even locks the back wheel when the bike isn't in use! In the event someone picks up your bike, the FlyKly app will alert you that your bike is moving without you. To tie it all together, FlyKly a bike light that will hold your smart phone.
@CalDoofkinJr I'm not sure. Maybe high production costs and limited capital investment?
why didn't the original come to market? sounds like a good invention
sweet bike
very cool