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So this isn't really an update but more rumors and speculations. Honestly I've been crying on and off over this issue worried about how T.O.P oppa will handle all of this and suddenly this happens. I am praying intensely for him and I all of us VIP's can bad together and send him our well wishes.
Now as for the rumors, some are saying he is unconscious/not unconscious and personally I believe this statement from the police is false
"Some are saying T.O.P is awake, but he's still unconscious in the ICU. The situation is being monitored, and he's receiving treatment." The insider also revealed, "Even if he does regain consciousness, his mother has a lot to worry about. They're worried about brain damage as he was deprived of oxygen in the beginning. They'd rather avoid reporters during this difficult time." Further reports are saying T.O.P overdosed on anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication. One media outlet reported, "T.O.P suffered from panic disorder, depression, and insomnia. He's taken prescribed anti-depression medicine for a long time. It's likely he's taken the same meds this time as well."
This breaks my heart, all my prayers go out to T.O.P and his family.
Hmm...if he had those disorders then the military wouldn't accept him. He'd be doing public service like a few other idols that do have medical issues.
that's what I was thinking but I'm not gonna try to figure anything out