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I think BFFs got him to do it.. hehe

Hmm... Mark I think I know who is your GOT7
but he looks so skinny ..I remember when he looks like this⤵️⤵️⤵️
OH MY GOD!! ♡♡♡

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@mszmarclyne93 we can only pray for him..
@luna1171 exactly, and he gets sensitive about his looks. I'm just hoping it doesn't get any further than what's happening with him already.
@mszmarclyne93 I know I don't want that either. I mean Jackson looked fine the way he was..and I know he got sick and all but he keeps loosing weight. and that worries me, also he is getting sick and taken to the hospital like too often..that is not good I just hope that is not Something bad.
I just hope he doesn't get sick with all the weight he's losing. remember jaejoong from JYJ? remember how he was in TVXQ? now he's so skinny, I just don't understand what happened. apparently he's underweight now. I don't want that happening to jackson.