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If you read my last post, you'll know that I've been looking for a relationship. Perhaps I watch too many romance movies, and maybe I fantasize too easily, but recently I realized that my ideas on finding love were all wrong. For love being a concept about open mindedness and open heartedness, I'd been pretty closed. I had my eyes on one guy, although I already knew we would never happen.

Now that's not to say that I hadn't been approached by other guys, but I turned them down just because I didn't know them. Relationships are about learning who a person is, down to their soul. Over time you learn to love, or learn that you can't love, a person.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my grandmother about relationships (she's a pretty cool g-ma). I was explaining to her my list of standards, and the difficulty in finding a guy who fit my standards. Blatantly, she told me that I would never find love if I held every guy up to my list. Originally, I found the concept of lowering my standards ridiculous. With time however, I realized she was 100% correct.

As you may have assumed, my realization of my grandmother's correctedness came with the help of a new aquintance. We briefly met at my friend's birthday party, and again at the after party on my prom night. Perhaps it was his smile, maybe it was his attitude, but something was intriguing about him. On one hand, I wanted to know more about him, and on the other, he was completely different from other guys I've had feelings for in the past. He wasn't my idealistic attractive. Last night, I took the initiative and started a conversation with him. Talking was so easy. Our conversation flowed like water, and I can't wait until our future talks. I really feel like this could be the start (yes) of something new.
Be careful which standards you choose to overlook for the sake of love. Physique, a standard you can overlook. Integrity, a standard that shouldn't be overlooked.
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