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Kpop fans truly are amazing. The love and support I am seeing for T.O.P is so wonderful. Of course there are those who are being negative, there always is, but overall there is a massive amount of positivity and support.

Here are a few things I have recently found:

As a VIP this whole thing is just so painful, but to see so much love and support from other fandoms is just beyond amazing. ♡♡♡

Stay strong Tabi - we are all praying for you and waiting for you to come back to us.


My Girl :

Wincircle Squad:

Konie Crew 2.0 :

Aroha Squad :



13K Team:


Tough Cookies :

Kpop Squad :

The Vingle Fam :

Let me know if you'd like to be added or removed from my list! :)

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I hope whatever happened it was an accident and not intentional.
I cried for him and prayed to god for him I want him to wake up and see the light
postive thoughts to TOP and his family <3
no matter what Fandom we are all in now...big bang has been apart of most of us, so we all pray for TOP and like @JaxomB I hope it was an accident
I'm late on this but seeing the 2nd brought tears to my eyes. I haven't heard anything since last month does anyone know how he's doing?
lol, you got ahead of me - I will be doing a card shortly he was sentenced to 2 yrs probation and a fine of ₩12,000