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Hello everyone!!

Again, I am sorry for procrastinating so much these last couple of weeks, but I am back to attempting to being a good mod!!

Anyway!! You guys aren't here to look at what I have to say, but you're all more focused on the fanart that I mentioned on Monday!! This week I'm in charge of Yonghwa~ So that's very happy making ^-^

So here is some beautiful fanart that I found to show you guys~ Also, at the end of my card is my own original fanart of Yonghwa, so I hope you guys like it;;

Bam!! So those are the Yonghwa fanarts that I found on google, and I made sure to link the artists to give them credit and all that fun stuff~

(Which ended up proving more difficult than it should've been >.>)

Yay!! I love fanarts so this was a very enjoyable theme for me~ I hope it was for all of you too;;

(My poor supports especially having to deal with someone like me;; xD)

Uhhhhh I guess I have nothing else to say now soooooooo.....

I'll see you guys tomorrow with the CNBlue Weekly Announcement card then ^-^

~From your certified, professional pervert~
(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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