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Hello people! I have come to bring you a Series of Unfortunate Events SSG, featuring Namjoon. I hope you guys enjoy!~

• Namjoon takes you to the park, where you both act like children on the playground, but...

• Namjoon invites you to his house for dinner, but...

• You and Namjoon go to the pool, but...

• You have class with Namjoon, but...

• You get to attend a BTS fan meeting to see Namjoon, but...

• You get to take the photos of Namjoon in a photoshoot, but...

• You see Namjoon on the other side of the street, but...

Let us know what you got!


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how do you play
7 months ago·Reply
Screen cap the flashing gifs and it will capture your outcome 😊
7 months ago
the outcomes I got are all very sad 😭
7 months ago·Reply
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No, No its not your fault! its just the outcomes xD
7 months ago
can i write about my results?
7 months ago·Reply
Yes, you can! I don't have a problem with it 😊
7 months ago
I wrote about my results. Can I tag you in my card so you can see them?
7 months ago·Reply
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You're welcome
7 months ago
I got something that really be the situation if i meet him in real so accurate....😂
7 months ago·Reply