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So when I started into Kpop I was very into this YouTube channel that posted everything Kpop. But the deeper I got into Kpop the more annoyed I became with their posts and today I'm feeling it the worst. I'm not having a good day at work and I see this ridiculous caption pop-up from my YouTube notifications . Like I'm sitting here worried to death over T.O.P and his mental health and I saw the caption before I saw who posted it and I nearly died . I think my mental health is gonna suffer soon.

T.O.P Overdose?

Then I remembered this one that I forgot to watch and I think I'm going to continue to forget to watch it but if you guys want to, its here

T.O.P Going to Jail?

I think I'm not mentally prepared enough for this drama and all these b/s captions as I thought I was. I understand you want people to watch your videos but seeing these really hurt me.