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I've almost finished re-reading the soul eater manga and forgot just how amazing it really is! And honstly my favourite charature in the manga is black star! xD

His charature development is far beyond that of the anime and he just becomes such an badass and amazing charature! So i just HAD to paint his badassery!

These are the progress photos! Also

IM ALIVE! (Ive been ok for about a week now but this is the 1st time ive arted)
Let me know what you think! :D
I agreed Black Star is awesome, but I found some people who actually hate him. The jerks! 😁
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@Sharia Ikr! such meanies! from just seein the anime then i can kinda get it but in the manga hes just 👌👌👌👌
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Black Star is my favorite Soul Eater character. He's a badass character! Awesome art by the way. 😊
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@whatamooy Yess, Your welcome 😌
7 months ago