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I've never heard more truer words than this. Money does not help a mental illness!!!
totally agree. same thing with amy winehouse :/ the media 100% drove her to suicide. i hope TOP pulls through and is able to just sort of remove himself from society until he is strong again :(
As much hate as I'll get for this I blame YG too. YG has spread false stories and covered up so much. We all know that the media feeds what they are told by management in any KPop group.
I love how she speaks because this is 100% and it just breaks my heart that netizens could just turn on him like that for smoking weed. and I love that she said money has nothing to do with mental illness battling internal demons does not change because of the number in your bank account. depression and anxiety is some real shit. it's one of the toughest battles for a human go face and their backlash because he smoked weed only made things worse. there's nothing worse than having outside people pile onto that depression you're already dealing with
people sometimes do not realize the harm they cause others which is really sad. Just to get stories they used this mistake to make something big of it causing him to fall under this bad situation. If he was already having issues then this just made things a lot worse.
this had my ass in tears. I'm glad to see that we are sending light on a HUGE issue... those who call themselves fans and speak negatively of him are not TRUE fans. I am hoping his was an accident. and I have said this on other cards... DONT LET ME FIND OUT THAT HIS PLATOON DID SOMETHING TO HIM BECAUSE NK BOMBS ARE GOING TO BE THE LEAST OF THEIR WORRIES! remember the army is cruel. and HAZING still exists. I hate that his mother has to go through this. and even speak out. by I hope she knows we love her so much for having Choi Seung-hyun aka T.O.P. and gifting the world a beautiful man... #StayStrongTOP :(
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