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Who: Reader x Kim Seokjin x Kim Taehyung
What: Fluff and Smut
Story: A nerdy girl with no real social skills is getting pursed by two of high school's most popular and handsome boys and some girls are not happy about it.

Baekhyun's POV

Never had a teenage boy known such guilt the way that Byun Baekhyun did. Gi Jong made Y/n look really pretty for that party. He dragged her there and made her come in, he even left her to be on her own while he went and partied with Gi. When he saw her with Taehyung, he knew that it wasn't apart of the plan. He knew something was wrong and deep down he knew he should've done something but he couldn't. He watched his little sister looking like she'd relaxed a bit and she was having fun dancing with one of his friends. Gi didn't know what was planned but Chanyeol did. Baekhyun tried to step over to her to break it up but Baekhyun was pulled back by Chanyeol and he was told to just watch because it would be funny. To everyone else it was but to Baekhyun it was boarder line horrifying. She was still his sister.

It was his fault for inviting her, for even allowing the prank to go on. He should've told Chanyeol he would never do that to her; he couldn't exactly explain why he didn't refuse off the back. He never truly thought of the consequences of his actions. Y/n would be fine, she bounced back plus she had it good. One little prank wouldn't destory her. That reasoning was bazzar to him only after the fact. He hated that he didn't recognize it before. He saw her face and she stormed out and then Baekhyun got twice as worried, what would mom and dad think of their golden child covered in paint and set up by their problem child? Wasn't the first born supposed to be the favorite yet he was such a huge disappointment to them that she became the beloved. Baekhyun was scared but he didn't image her reaction. The first sting from her slap hurt but the second one that came just seconds afterwards was heavier and felt like his cheek was brusing.

The way she screamed in his face, the way she declared her "I hate you" first calm then loud and angry. His always slightly irritable but tame sister became a furious monster. She was enraged and when she pushed him it hurt. She told him that she regreted him. Something he could see his mother saying when she found out about all this. He was just so astonished by how much strength she had, perhaps it was her anger that she was so strong or there was something she wasn't telling him. Maybe there was a lot she wasn't telling him. Everyone watched the display and soon it became the new spectical of the night.

Little sister turns on big brother in a fit of rage.

The way she insulted the people in the house and how they just mindlessly recorded it like it was the next best thing in the world was humiliating. Baekhyun was guilty and he felt that guilt in a rush. She walked off after giving Gi Jong her shoes and her purse back. Y/n took all the possessions she held inside and he watched her walk away dripping paint, angry and barefoot. What would happen to her if she walked alone in the dark? It wasn't right to just let her go like that but he didn't move despite knowing he should follow. He didn't move right away. Gi Jong helped him up but he could see on her face that she was very annoyed with him. Chanyeol had pulled out a first aid kit and Gi Jong cleaned up the spilt on the corner of his lip.

"I can't believe you did that to her." She whispered upset.

"I wasn't the one that poured the damn paint okay." Baekhyun shot back upset.

She glared at him, he knew it though. He didn't have to be the one to pour the paint to be just as bad as those girls. Chanlee came down the steps laughing and saw Baekhyun; she laid her hand on his shoulder and said,

"Well, well that little sister of yours has got some arm doesn't she Baekhyun. I rather like the face she made when the paint fell on her. I bet Taehyung will stay way from her now."

Her giggle was too high pitched and annoying to listen to. Gi Jong didn't want to hear any of what she had to say.

"You guys are pathetic to do that to an innocent girl like that." She spit.

"Innocent? The girl that thinks she's better than the rest of us just because she's smart? Whatever, I'm sure if she was so innocent Baekhyun would've seen a problem with our little prank right Baekhyunie?" She laughed.

Gi Jong scoffed and rolled her eyes. She looked like she was beginning to regret being associated with him. He should really go out and look for her.

"That'll teach her for dancing with a Bangtan boy. Taehyung is Heejin's man." Chanlee smiled.

"Oh really so you two are exclusive or is Taehyung just going around fucking random chicks while telling your dumbass everything you want to hear?" Baekhyun shot at Chanlee and Heejin.

He was just aggrivated by this whole situation that listening to them was beginning to piss him off. Gi Jong finished cleaning him up and then she got up to leave.

"Wait where are you going?" Baekhyun asked grabbing her arm.

"You know after what just happened I'm not really in a party mood. I'm going to go try and find Y/n at least one of us should."

"What makes you think I wasn't going to look for her, she's my sister." Baekhyun said annoyed.

"Oh really, I didn't think you knew that. She was right wasn't she? You had me dress her up and make her look pretty, build up her confidence all to strike her down. What kind of brother does that? I thought- I thought there was more to you Baekhyun but now I see you're just as self absorbed as the rest of the people at this party that laughed at her. You care only about yourself and not about the people you hurt. Even if they're your flesh and blood." Gi Jong said.

She turned and walked out of the house. Baekhyun groaned, he knew he was guilty and he felt bad for breaking Y/n's heart. He felt bad for putting her in this situation but how did she still end up the victim in all of this? How was it that she still got people on her side? It was frustrating as hell to him. He went outside and got in his car and drove around looking for her. He even saw Taehyung walking around with the rest of his friends and asked if they had seen her. The others looked a bit disgusted by his prescene even Yoongi who didn't seem to care much about what people did. Taehyung just shurgged and said they hadn't seen her. He couldn't find her and before long it had gotten so late he had to just come back home and face his parents. They were asleep already, not yet worried about either one of them being home. He had told them he was taking her to a party so that she could meet new people and talk more. This morning though, hell had broken loose.

"How could you just let her walk off?" his father screamed.

The only thing he could come up with was that there was some guy messing around with her and that he was trying to protect her from him so they got in a fight which explained the brusies that Y/n had actually put on his face from her two hard slaps and the punch. Even still, when it seemed like he was defending her and that she was the deliquent in the scenario, he was still in trouble for everything.

"You shouldn't have let her walk away with him Bakehyun. He could've done something to her and she isn't answering her phone. Let's go out and see if we can find her at her favorite places." Their mother said.

His father agreed and they got their keys to leave the house. This was pissing Baekhyun off, he could never get anything right in their eyes. It made him aggrivated even more when he saw her walk in, clean and fine. He had rang her phone almost all night looking for her and when he saw her he just exploded but the moment she whipped around he had to prepare himself not to be hit again. She was angry at him still, she deserved to be and he knew it and he would've acted a little more appropriately if he wasn't so annoyed at the time. She blasted her music for hours making it so that Baekhyun couldn't even apologize once he had calmed down. She was very serious about wanting nothing else to do with him. So you can imagine Baekhyun's suprise when she came home later that afternoon and talked to their parents. He listened from the hall as they spoke....

Y/n's POV

I step inside and my parents walk around from in the kitchen and embrace me completely relieved that I'm okay.

"Now what were you thinking going off with a strange man like that?" My father said.

I think Taehyung's present had chilled me out so much and the thought of hanging out with all the guys again had actually made me happy that I just didn't have the energy to be pissed at Baekhyun's lie anymore. Besides, I wasn't supposed to care about what he did anymore. I sighed and said,

"He wasn't a stranger appa, he's in my class. Baekhyun thought he was being rude to me but he wasn't. Baekhyun was trying to protect me and I didn't want his protection because I knew Jin- oppa. I was just upset at Baekhyun for starting a fight before I could explain so I left with Jin. I'm sorry. I stayed at his house but I promise you nothing happened."

My mother looked at me and then at my father and sighed,

"Well as long as you're okay. I guess we own Baekhyun an apology and you too young lady." she said.

I smiled, that was actually kind of funny considering Baekhyun really owed me the apology. If she only knew the truth but I was too mellowed out to really give a damn. I had fun hanging out at the mall with the guys and I really liked the necklace and shirt that Taehyung gave me. I thought it was cool that Jungkook now saw me as his Noona and that they really had a whole family dynamic made up. I thought it was even cooler that Taehyung said I was one of them now. They were the boys of Bangtan and I was offically a Bangtan girl. That was pretty cool for the science nerd. Either way I just let my parents have their way and I headed down the hall seeing Baekhyun leaning against the wall with this kind of confused and shook look on his face. He looked at me and I gave a half assed,

"Sorry." with the most sarcastic smile I've ever owned.

In the back of my mind, all I can think is fuck him. He told the worst lie in the world to save his own ass for the stupid decision he made. I was not going to give him a real apology instead I gave him one that would annoy the fuck out of him and I could see it all over his face. The only thing I wanted to do was go back to my research paper and stay in my room. Baekhyun decided to follow me to my room and he pushed the door so that it would stay open and he could walk in. He looked out for our parents when I laid the shirt and necklace that Taehyung gave me on the bed.

"Why did you lie for me?" He asked.

I scoffed,

"If you think that lie was for you you're wrong. I'm done sticking up for you with them I just really didn't feel like hearing the screaming while I'm working on my paper. I don't have the energy to put up with you. Now get out."

"Where did you go?"

"Jin's house." I answered sitting down at my computer to pull up my research paper.

"Jin's house? With all those boys? How can you so blindly trust them and not just come back home?" He said angry.

"Jin offered me help, help out of a situation that you put me in. Now unless you want me to go spill the beans to mom and dad so they can cuss your ass out I suggest you get the hell out of my room. In fact, let's put it like this Baekhyun. I don't want you to talk to me, I don't ever want to see your face again and as long as I can avoid it I will. Don't look in my direction, don't even breathe in my direction and I promise you life will go so much smoothly."

"I'm your brother-"

"No. No you're not my brother you're just a guy that lives in my house. I stopped being your sister a long time ago Baekhyun you just made that far more obvious to me last night. So now I'm free. Free of having to love such a shit brother, free of being in your shadow. I am completely and" I said

I hadn't even been looking at him. Instead my eyes were focused on the computer screen in front fo me. I was still pulling up my old pages on the internet I was using for information. I started typing but I noticed he hadn't left yet. The more ignored him the more he'd get the hint. This isn't where he was supposed to be. Then I thought about Gi's dress.

"You should give Gi Jong her dress back it's washed now and still in the dryer."

Hopefully that would get him to leave. Baekhyun sighed,

"She's not going to open the door long enough for me to give it to her."

"Good for her." I said.

"Look I am sorry Y/n I didn't know they would do that to you."

I stopped typing,

"But you did," I looked up at him.

"You did know."

"No I didn't."

"You may not have had specifics Baekhyun but you did know that they were going to do something. That's the whole reason you brought me to that party in the first place, you even ran a guilt trip on me to get me to go. Instead of telling them, no I'm not going to do that to my little sister you were all gung-ho to get me in the middle of a room filled with people that hate me to humiliate me, you brought me into a trap. Bakehyun I get it you hate me. You've hated me for a long time because mom and dad think I'm the perfect child but you know what your issue with them has nothing to do with me. How much have I supported you, and looked up to you and you haven't even noticed a goddamn thing because your too busy surrounding yourself with people that give you a little bit of an ego boost. You don't care about me so stop acting like you do and stop apologizing to me because I'm done. Now for the last time get out of my room. I have work to do." I said.

He finally took the message and walked out of my room. I couldn't even bother with him anymore. I think the next time he decides to speak to me I'll just walk by him and pretend he doesn't exist. It would be better than having to deal with his self righteous attitude. How could he have the nerve to still call me his sister like that fact had just dawned on him? Seriously Baekhyun get your shit together. How was it possible only after leading me into a trap he seemed to care about the fact that were we siblings? Yeah we share blood buddy but that's about it. The days when we used to play together and he used to like being around me were over. I was the black sheep in his otherwise white world and for once I was finally okay with that...

Jin's POV

Jin orginally didn't want to send Taehyung out to get Y/n he just didn't think it would be smart to put them together. He saw the way he winked at her in the arcade and her reaction was honest confusion. Taehyung was his brother he looked out for him but he didn't approve of the way Tae treated girls. Baekhyun was his friend after all and he knew only bad things would happen if Y/n ended up falling for him. The smile that was on her face when they were playing games though was refreshing. He had seen her tears something that Taehyung didn't. Jin believed he had the ability to make her feel better and comfort her and he had already warned Taehyung that he wasn't supposed to be more than friends with her. He had told everyone she was off limits. After what she had gone through, just making her one of Bangtan was enough.

"Y/n's really cool to hang out with. I don't see why so many people are mean to her." Jungkook said.

Taehyung leaned back with a lazy sigh,

"Oh she's just an easy target. Bullies like easy targets but Chanlee is just a vendictive bitch. Her and her little followers think they own us. Remember when I found out that Heejin told that girl I was dating if she didn't break up with me she'd make something bad happen to her? Girls are crazy." Taehyung laughed.

"She was pretty cool I'll say that. I liked her button mashing technique." Yoongi said mimicking how she rapidly pressed buttons.

"She had no idea what she was doing." Hoseok chuckled.

"Neither did you Hyung." Jimin said.

Namjoon tried to hide a laugh when Hoseok gave Jimin a face. Jin thought about how her eyes kind of sparkled when she talked about science stuff. She was interesting indeed. He ended up saying somethings to her that may have seemed a little weird and he didn't mean it that way but he felt bad for her and wanted her to feel better. He also wanted to protect her from Taehyung. Tae even got out of the car to walk her to the door. Something inside Jin said that he should've been the one to do that.

They all finished lunch and went back to their dorm to hang out but Jin separated Taehyung and him from the rest of the group. He took him down the hallway close to his room and leaned against the wall. Taehyung had this look like he already knew what Jin was going to say. His hands were stuffed in his pockets and he was looking down at him like he was annoyed already.

"Don't do anything to Y/n okay." Jin said.

"What am I going to do to her?" Taehyung said.

"You know how you are with girls. You're not very careful. After what Baekhyun did, I just think you need to be careful. There's no reason that she has to be hurt again you know."

"All I did was pick her up like you asked."

"You were flirting with her Taehyung, don't play innocent I know you. Look we've got a pretty good reputation as good guys and I'd like to keep in that way okay. But you've burned a few girls in the past and doing that to her after her brother has already messed with her that would make us worse."

"So what you're really worried about Bangtan's image not Y/n, got it." Taehyung said.

"Don't twist my words around okay just- don't do anything stupid. She's a nice girl and right now I think she just needs a place to belong. So don't go breaking her heart."

"I'm not stupid Jin hyung she's Bangtan now. We look out for our own right?" He said.

Jin nodded. Taehyung patted his shoulder and walked off. Despite him saying that, Jin could only feel like things were going to spiral out of control. Taehyung wasn't easily swayed to leave people alone when he wanted something or someone. Jin had to make sure he kept him at bay because he could see everything going south real fast. Taehyung couldn't have Y/n...

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Awwwwww she didn't snitch! I'm sad. But I like how it turned out! good job Craig !!
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