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The brawl between Ohio State and Bemidji State happened at the end of Friday's game. It led to 19 players being disqualified and set an NCAA record for penalty minutes in a game with 303. Bemidji State won the game 3-2 at Ohio State, whose players didn't like the opponents celebrating on their home court. Ohio State's Coach Nate Handrahan said "I've got to believe that our players, and as a staff, as a program, we're not happy with teams celebrating on our ice surface and going off the ice yipping and hooting and hollering. What happened at the end of the game doesn't happen often in women's hockey. But I can tell you this: We're happy to at least see our girls show some fight and some spirit." Not often you'll see a coach as condoning of fighting as that. Good for him. College Women's Hockey looks a bit tougher than the NFL this week