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As you guys probably know by now, I seriously love VIXX.

I know going to a fan sign is really hard and a lot of the fan experiences you have in your home countries aren't very long (high touch goes by like lightning!) so I wanted to share my one and only fan sign experience with you so we can live through it together :)

This is waaay back during Hyde where they were total babies still! Hope you enjoy^^

Also, if you're interested, I was on the same plane as Ken too (video here!)

Have any of you guys been to a fan sign!?

Ken!!! I would have had so much fun with him... I would have taught him some more English and asked him to teach me some Korean lol... As I am half deaf he wouldn't have been loud to me... I am not biased!!!
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You are so lucky and awesome!!! I love how plucky you are...
Oooooh congrats on going, I've never been to one but I really hope to go to one someday.
no but one day i wish i could go to one
i hope you get to!!