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TOP's mother is obviously in the most distressing situation a mother can ever be in, and in this time she has made a request to the media and netizens to stop spreading and believing false reports.

TOP is not "in a deep sleep." TOP is in ciritcal condition, "close to death."

While it may be our way of coping with this, to believe his situation is less serious than it is, we need to understand the pain that causes his family.

We just need to hope for the best, and pray, send positive thoughts, or whatever it is you think could help at this time. I am seriously so overwhelmed by this. I hope you are all doing okay as well.

Below are translations from her and YG's statements:

Best wishes to TOP.

That whole, "in a deep sleep" thing, seemed shady as hell. You don't overdose on tranquilizers and fall into a deep sleep. I don't know what to say. I pray he pulls through and comes back okay.
10000% from the moment this mess all started this is what I was afraid of happening. TOP is my UB and my heart hurts so much because of all of this.
Honestly, when I saw the media coverage about him being in trouble with a little bit of pot, I never thought it would get blown out of proportion. I mean the backlash was unbelievable. You would think he robbed a bank with how everyone was going on about it, howling at the moon like their cat died. It's heartbreaking that it came to this. Get well soon T.O.P... Do it for your mother and those who cherish you dearly.
also just to add this isnt an attack on anyone on vingle that might have said this! we're getting al kinds of messed up and unclear news and i know we all want the best for TOP. i'm just sharing the story as i found it! thank you and love you all <3
We all need to stay strong for him and his family ❤️
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