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There has been just a brief update with TOP's mom making a statement to reporters
T.O.P’s mother has just made a brief statement to the reporters gathered at the hospital, where T.O.P is still currently being held in the ICU. At about 9:35am KST this morning, T.O.P’s mother was visibly shaken and distressed when she emerged from T.O.P’s room for a moment with his manager, and told the reporters who flocked to her, “When T.O.P came to the hospital he was definitely unconscious. He still has not regained consciousness, it seems like those reports [saying otherwise] are misrepresentative.” Following this statement, T.O.P’s mother and manager received no further questions, and returned to T.O.P’s ICU room.

I read that he is currently on a respirator and is in critical condition, but I do not know for sure. TOP's doctors will hold a briefing at 4pm KST to discuss his condition and to provide accurate details.

Please just continue to pray for TOP and all of his loved ones who are hurting so badly right now.



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im still keeping him in my prayers