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Reactivated Gene in Mice Helps Regrow Ears, Toes
Discovery may lead to possibility of self-regeneration in humans as well (like Wolverine). The discovery was made by accident by Harvard researcher George Daley, who was just trying to do a little cancer research. "The findings reveal that at least part of the reason that most animals cannot regenerate lost limbs lies in their metabolism. When Lin28a turns on and expresses a protein in the body, it boosts the metabolism, apparently fooling the body into thinking that it is younger and spurring a complex cascade of chemical reactions that generate energy. The research shows how the same mechanisms that ordinarily provide cellular energy can also drive more exotic processes such as wound healing." The study couldn't be replicate din mice more than 5 years old
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i want a 3rd ear
4 years ago·Reply
really? is this similar to stem cells
4 years ago·Reply
It's similar to wolverine
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