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Que tal peeps!

I could not celebrate this wounderful month NamJune without mentioning Namjoon's squad memebers.

Which BTS memebers do you ship him with? Comment your favorite ships below!

Let's get this shipping spree started at a low rate of $3.00 lol

Rap Monster & Jin: NamJin

Rap Monster & V: VMon

Rap Monster & Jimin: Nammin

Rap Monster & Jung Kook: KookieMonster

Rap Monster & J-Hope: NamSeok

Rap Monster & Suga: SugaMon 

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Shoot, mom and dad all the way!!!
7 months ago·Reply
I only ship Namjoon with Seokjin 😂💕
7 months ago·Reply
suga j hope and kookie are the people who I ship with rap monster
7 months ago·Reply
I def ship namjin omg xD
7 months ago·Reply
Mom & Dad always and forever 😍😍😍
7 months ago·Reply