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[If you guys have any additional questions I will do my best to answer them factually and post it up here so everyone gets the upadte]

-Doctors are predictiong T.O.P will be suffering no brain damage

-T.O.Ps Doctors held a conference earlier today to confirm his condition, the Police unit however is deciding or wether or not to hope a conference

-(The police stated) The "Deep sleep report was false and started from an unknown source that told police representatives false information and then the way the representatives described his condition lead to false reports

-(medical doctors state) T.O.P had not been wearing a oxygen mask like YG stated those reports were also false (However now he is currently wearing one)

-The statement said to come from his mother was true

-The pill he took were benzodiazepine, doctors can not confirm the exact amount only T.O.P can

>> Doctors Conference <<

Factual Tweets Of Whhat Happened:
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