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TOP's doctors held a briefing to give us more accurate information than we have had so far.

You can check out more of the transcription here but here are just a few highlights:

– When he was admitted, he had high blood pressure and heart rate. – He is still in a state of near-unconsciousness. – We don’t know how many pills he ingested, but we know it was a lot. We believe his pills were from a class called benzodiazepines, which are meant to treat anxiety. – TOP’s body would only respond to very strong stimulations, therefore we can still say he is essentially unconscious. – His breathing is still not at normal level. He will have to stay in the hospital longer for recovery. – Due to the medicine, his pupils did not react like a normal person would. – After his condition improves, we will discuss his situation with mental health doctors. – His blood carbon dioxide levels were high enough that he could have gone under cardiac arrest. – Based on our observations, it will take at least 1 week for TOP to recover. We will continue to monitor him. – The most important thing for TOP right now is that he needs psychiatric treatment. – We do not see any sights of other drugs used, only benzodiazepine. When he arrived at the hospital, we checked his urine test for 11 of the most common drugs. Only benzodiazepine was positive. – A few days prior, TOP wanted to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist, but ultimately he was not able to attend.

They also do do seem to think that there will be any permanent brain damage. Let's keep those prayers going VIP's - we can make miracles happen ♡


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Brain damage huh... I hope everyone who wrongfully hurt him understands their decisions and face karma head on. Poor top