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Que tal peeps!
There is finally some light shed in all of this crazy ish. The doctors just held a conference and they shared some insightful infomation. They shared T.O.P.'s condidtion when he first entered the hospital, his present status, and what is to come.

Key highlights
1. He is still unconcious
He opened his eyes when subjected to high levels of shock, but he was not able to sustain focus or give proper responses for over ten seconds .
2. He had high levels of carbon dixoide in his blood
3. His oxygen levelswere low
4. He was taking benzodiazepine, however his urnine test does not show signs of his other anti depressants.
5. They have no idea if he paired his benodiazepine with anything else.

Although we cannot guarantee how long it will take [for T.O.P] to recover, on average, a healthy person who does not have any other illnesses takes around a week or two to recover.
He is still not breathing properly, but is slowly recovering. We plan to treat him psychologically following standard procedure, but are unable to at the moment due to his unresponsive state.
The link below will redirect you to the full article. We need to continue to pray and send positive energy his way. Once he is physically recovered he still will have an uphill battle to properly deal with his issues.