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This article discusses the many similarities the Xbox One and PS4 share. The two consoles diverge sharply when it comes to their GPUs. The Xbox One's GPU runs at 853MHz while the PS4 GPU runs at 800MHz. However, the PS4 GPU has much more hardware behind it—18 of AMD's compute units (CUs), rather than the 12 CUs in the Xbox One. So what does this mean? Well, not much in the short term, but PS4's beefier GPU will give it the performance edge in the long term.
@yinofyang You're right. Despite all the nitpicking, consoles are actually making some impressive progress. Of course, there are all the small kinks that need to be worked out, but that's why I usually wait a few years after a console release. Damn, I bought a PS3 just last year.
@nshen1 Hahaaa so true. I enjoy watching both sides of the console wars. It's great entertainment. *munching on popcorn and playing Skyrim with all of its high-res textured PC glory*
@yinofyang true that... all this sniping reminds me of
There's always so much hype and people sniping at each other from either side with the release of a new console. Both consoles sound good to me, although I think we won't really see how it all pans out for some time.
and the deals that they could make with killer developers...
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