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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek
What: La la la lalala sing the smutty song la la la lalala Smut the whole day long.
Story: He can do whatever he wants no question asked, now you're at the mercy of two new Masters while something dark lingers....
Kiseok's POV

There were a number of things wrong with him right now and the fact that Y/n was refusing to talk to him made his anger go up. He could speak to her in a stern voice though, the kind that she might not like and that would make her pull in towards herself instead of voicing more of how she felt. She was playful with him those last two days and she clung onto him like she'd never see him again. The face she made everytime he left her at the airport made him want to turn back and pull her on the plane with him; although, he enjoyed the ways that she greeted him when he came back. She'd be so happy to see him, she'd bounce in place giddy and happy that she could be with him again and the moment he was close enough she wrapped her arms around him and jumped up to hug him tight. She'd tell him that she missed him and he missed her too in all honesty, having her back in his arms was the best thing in the world.

He should've known that he was dangerous for her. For two years, things had been silent; he thought he was finally free of Minho's stalking. His idea of revenge and making him pay. He didn't even know where it came from. He wanted every girl that Kiseok had been in a relationship with. He found it hard not to want to keep a girl though. He couldn't be consistent with casual sex he needed to own her. Y/n he wasn't letting go of, she was special. He'd grown fonder of her without meaning to. Fonder of her than he was of the others.

The others were just girlfriend's; he liked them, loved them even but the idea of letting them go was never as painful as the idea of letting Y/n go. If he could never be with her again he wasn't sure what he would do. Finding someone that adored him as much as she did wasn't going to happen. For submissives, there was something that he as her Master now understood more than anything, the six months of training he put her through he was showing restraint and that he could control himself. He was teaching her that she could trust him and the more she wanted him the more he cared for her and caressed her, the more he proved that he was a man of his word, the more Y/n was willing to give herself to him. She did, like a good girl she gave him everything. He earned her trust to the point that she wanted to submit. It wasn't something that he forced on her or that it was only this way or they couldn't be together. Still, he did remind her of the rule she agreed to, he could do anything he wanted no questions asked. He had complete power but it wasn't really complete. If she said her safeword he couldn't do anything to her in any way. Y/n had more power than she realized she just didn't use it. Kiseok didn't think she wanted to.

Now that all this was happening, he didn't know who he should be: the stern dominant or the protective boyfriend. For so long he'd infused the two and made them one in the same, he didn't think he could do that this time. If Minho even so much as laid a scratch on her he'd snap his neck the minute he got his hands on him. She had to file sexual assualt charges on him and she got a restraining order on him and he was still trying to fuck around. He got out after three months, he saw this all as a game. Y/n was the only one of his girlfriends to fight back. No one else but her had dared to file assault charges or get a restraining order. Since she had some record of harrassment Kiseok and Jay could work on making sure that Minho could get caught again, maybe keep him in jail longer this time but he wondered if that meant that Y/n would be put in more danger. Would they have to wait until he did something worse in order to really hit him hard?

Minho and Kiseok used to be good friends in college. They shared ideas with each other and they hung out all the time. Jay and Minho were introduced through Kiseok and Minho had kind of introduced Kiseok into the world of being a Dom. He showed him how to get girls that were into it and how to train girls that didn't know for sure if they liked it. They were close for a long time and then something happened to Minho. Some kind of drug overdose messed him up in the head and it seemed like he was always paranoid that Kiseok was out to get him. Someone he was close with he was now considering an enemy. Kiseok tried to help him and show him that they were friends but he was coming up with odd theories that weren't making sense to Kiseok. Like he was just pretending to be his friend to get his ideas and use them for himself.

Things really flew off the shelf when Kiseok started dating a girl named Kang Joo-seo. She was a sweet little innocent girl to the world but she was hella kinky in bed and Kiseok was crazy about her for a long time. Things started to change in their realtionship where it seemed like Joo-Seo was pulling away from Kiseok and he started to discover why. She was being stalked by Minho. He was telling her to leave him, he was harrassing her and threatening that he'd hurt her and Kiseok if she didn't leave him until it came to the point that Joo-Seo just couldn't handle it anymore. She left Kiseok and it broke his heart. Kiseok no longer had a reason to try and keep up a friendly dynamic with Minho. At that point he saw him as a lost cause.

Kiseok stopped trying to be his friend but Minho wouldn't give up his pursuits on Kiseok. There was some crazy idea in his head that Kiseok should suffer, he could never truly understand what it was but Minho was really crafty. Even though Kiseok knew without a shadow of a doubt that Minho was doing all the harrassment to the women he was seeing, it was hard as hell to get any evidence that proved that he was behind it. Then again it was back when Kiseok wasn't CEO of his own company with the ability to pay as many body guards as he needed and amp up his secuirty like he was the president. He wasn't as heavy on his security back then as he was now with Y/n.

After Mina had that crazy mental break down, Kiseok felt like it was all his fault. He knew Minho was still coming after the girls he was hooking up with and Kiseok had loved each one of those girls. It seemed like anytime Kiseok fell in love they got hurt which was why he hadn't yet voice to Y/n that he loved her but he did. He felt it in a way he hadn't with the others and he loved that she adored him just as much. He loved that she needed him. He was going to do anything he could to protect her this time. Minho probably wasn't expecting that she would fight him back though and quite honestly he didn't expect that either but he had to remember Y/n was a surviver and if anything threatened her life she fought back as hard as she could. If she was going to go down she was going to give one hell of a fight doing it.

Kiseok was reading over texts that he sent her while he was waiting for people to enter the office he was in. He was asking her if anything unusal had happened in the past few days. The week flew by so fast but apparently since she had seen him that day Minho hadn't shown up. She was still a bit rattled by it the day it happened. When he called her just before bed she finally decided to talk with him and he could hear it in her voice that she was just a bit unnerved by the fact that he was watching her. Now she was kind of annyoed that neither Jay nor Mintaek would let her out of their sight. They even got female guards to go with her to the bathroom.

Kiseok: You know it's to keep you safe. Once I'm back home everything will be better.

Bugs: I wish you were here now. Not so that it would be normal. I just miss you.

Kiseok: You're cute babygirl. You need me that bad, it's only been a week.

Bugs: A week is too long... Sleeping next to Jay feels wrong because he's not you.

Kiseok:Do you need me baby?

Bugs:.... Yes, Master..... I always need you.

The last text message made him smile at his phone. He was staring at it biting his lip. He wondered what he should type to her next. He didn't want to change the subject but dirty talk at the moment would only create an awkward situation for him at work and he couldn't have that. Even when he was away, Y/n was the most important thing to him. Her well being, her safety, her happiness.

Kiseok: You know I always come back Bugs. So don't worry just trust Jay and Mintaek to take care of you for right now and I will have you back in my arms in no time. Sleeping right next to me with Wubbie.

It took her a moment to text but she sent him a text just before his meeting started.

Bugs: I'll see you next week. Think of me.

She put a kiss emoji at the end of it that; he thought was playful but he could just imagine the blank face she was making at the screen. Even through text he could tell there was something on her mind that she wanted to say but she wasn't. She knew that he was always thinking of her. He was thinking of her even as the meeting began, he needed to protect her from Minho at all costs. He was not going to let anything happen to his babygirl. Not this time...

Y/n's POV

With the silent activity of Minho, it was kind of eerie and you didn't like it. Jay had started trying to confine you two in his office, keeping most of his work there so that you didn't have to go out. The other day you two stayed at his place all day and it just felt like a jail sentence. You were scared about what Minho could do to you, you hated it more than anything that he was coming after you again but you also didn't like having to be confined to one place. You weren't even sure why he stopped watching you. You weren't actually sure he had stopped at all. You were expecting to wake up one day in Jay's bed either covered in his blood because the creep killed him or Minho was covering your mouth and telling you to leave the bed so that he could kidnap you. You didn't even like getting up in the middle of the night to get water because you were scared he'd just be in the living room waiting for you.

It's like being blindfolded and reaching your hand into a box, the unknown was probably the biggest part of the fear rather than the reality. The reality of it all is that you got lucky, you hit a sweet spot and was able to fight him off and the side walk was crowded enough that he couldn't really get away and he couldn't chase you either. Not to mention once he fell to his knees you kicked him so hard in the face you probably broke his nose and he was out cold. You learned that back in Gwang-Ju just about the only good thing that came out of that.

You sighed and leaned back against the head board of Jay's bed. His house was big and his bedroom was a Navy blue with a wooden bedframe. He had soft white sheets but they were cool to the touch and you found yourself curling closer to him more than you would Kiseok just for body heat. He was surprised that you slept with your bear but you wouldn't leave him at the penthouse. Wubbie was given to you by Kiseok and he smelled like him right around his chest area. It was a nice scent to fall asleep to. You'd bury your face into the bears chest just to get the smell of Kiseok and it relaxed you while you were in bed with Jay.

You were never meant to be out of his sight especially during bedtime. You had talked to Kiseok earlier and you had just gotten off the phone with him. He wasn't tired but he said it was getting close to bedtime meaning you would have to sleep soon too. You were still writing your book. The deadline for the chapter was due just after you got back from Busan with Kiseok. You wanted to be back with him so bad.

Then there was your father.

He was stressing you out asking about why you were so agitated during your lunch but it wasn't about when you came back into the resturant it was about when he showed up. He was offened at some point that you were trying to keep your past a secret and that you didn't really include him. He was offended that you made it seem like you didn't want anything to do with him and you were tempted to tell him that you didn't. He was two steps away from being crazy, you had no idea what you were supposed to do with him. There was no real pleasing him. He wanted you to have more ambition but it was hard to do that when most of your childhood was nothing but the chants that your mother is a whore. The last time you two had spoken was because of some money issues you were having. You weren't even sure what set off the fight but at some point he just said,

"You're going to be a whore just like your mother."

What kind of father says that to his daughter anyway? It was like nothing you did was right in his eyes and that was even more reason why you didn't want him to meet Kiseok. He kept telling you that he wanted to meet him and you just told him that he was busy and that they probably wouldn't be able to meet anytime soon. He would leave you alone for a day and then come and talk to you again. The worst thing in the world was when he asked you what you were doing for work now. Aside from writing, which Kiseok didn't even know about at least you didn't think he did since you were under a pin name when you were first published, you didn't really have a job. Writing was a solid career but you doubt your father would think so. Someone with your grades and your mind shouldn't waste it on writing books.

Writing was a talent and it was a real job, you've honed your skills and if he knew anything about you he'd know that your writing was actually your best class. You had the highest grade in it. Arguing with him was like talking to a damn wall, a bi polar wall. At some point the thought of your father over whelmed you so much that you stopped writing and turned off your computer. Jay was just walking in from the living room and he took off his shirt. He had a bowl of ice cubes in his hand and you looked at him wondering what the hell was he going to do. Jay smiled and said,

"So Kiseok called me."

"It's almost bedtime." you said.

He nodded,

"I know princess but he wants me to do this for you. He says you've been stressed and I can agree. It might be fun."

"I thought you said you wouldn't touch me if I didn't want you too." you said.

He nodded,

"I won't touch you if you still don't want me to but your Master did ask me to do this so I have to follow the rules. Remember last time I broke the rules you had me punished." He smiled.

You looked down at your hands feeling guilty that, that came back to haunt you but he had a point. He lifted your chin after climbing on the bed and made you look at him.

"Take off your pajamas but you can leave your underwear and bra on." he said.

You nodded and cautiously began to get rid of your tank top and your large checkered pajama pants.

"If you find you want to come after this I'll let you." He smiled.

"He wants you to have sex with me?" You asked disheartened.

Jay shook his head with a softer smile,

"No but you might after this. I won't actually have to have sex with you Y/n I could lick you, or finger you or torture your little body until you explode." He said in a dark whisper.

You'd be lying if you said that his voice wasn't turning you on or the fact that his large hand running up your bare thigh wasn't making your heart race. This was sex though, at least it could be but it wasn't love and even if Kiseok never said he loved you, you knew it was always so much more with him. You didn't want to give in so much but you also didn't think you could resist. He came closer and wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close against his body. He ghosted his lips over yours and then down to your neck. His breath caused a little tickle and before you knew it he was leading you down to the bed.

"You've got about ten minutes before bedtime. So if you want to come you're going to have to do it quick." He said.

You swallowed as he set the bowl on your side dressed and reached in and got an ice cube. He held it between his thumb and forefinger. His fingers were long and skinny and he looked down at you like he'd enjoy this. Kiseok wanted him to do this for you but what was he going to do to you exactly. It probably showed on your face that you were nervous and confused because he laughed as he slowly led the ice cube down to touch your skin. The cold cube sent your body into shivers and your stomach sank in to flee from it until your body heated up to adjust to its touch. The ice cube began to lightly melt against your skin leaving a cold wet trail behind it. You gasp surprised and shivered.

"What?" You breathed.

"It's called ice play. Kiseok's never done it with you but it can be very fun and relaxing, maybe even freeing. Can you forget about everything for a moment and just allow yourself to feel?" he asked.

Your hands had gripped onto the sheets and you nodded with a hard swallow just to prepare yourself.

"Good girl." Jay said.

He grabbed another ice cube with the other hand and brought both up to your shoulders and let them touch your skin. You let out a soft moan at the feeling of the ice now trailing slowly down your shoulder and past your collarbone. He rolled them over your cleavage and then he drew them down your belly. You felt cold and hot at the same time. You were wet, turned on and you really didn't want to resort to asking Jay to sleep with you but god you wanted to be fucked so bad right now. He led the ice cubes down your thighs and then rolled them around your thigh and inner thigh.

"It's melting so fast princess. You've gotten all hot." Jay teased.

You nodded.

"Can-can I take my bra off?" you asked cautiously.

Jay smiled greedy and came down close to your lips,

"Does the little princess want to feel the ice on her nipples? All over those big breast, you're going to let me fuck you tonight aren't you princess?" he teased.

"Kiseok. I belong to Kiseok." You said breathing in shakily.

Jay smiled and nodded,

"Yes I know that. I haven't forgotten." he said.

You looked away and brought your hand to your lips. He lifted the trim of your panties and slid the smaller ice cube into them. You moaned loud in surprise at the touch of the ice. It was so cold but it felt so good and your core just got hotter and you got wetter and soon your own juices mixed in with the water from the melted ice.

"He's only okay with me fucking you Y/n because it's going to relieve some tension for you and help you relax and even put you to bed. Why don't you give in? I wouldn't dream of stealing you away from Kiseok. I couldn't even if I tried, your love for him is unbreakable." he said.

He leaned down towards you the more he spoke and his lips came to your ear. Your heart was pounding and you were turned on and felt like crying because of it. Your hand went to Jay's chest. You wanted to resist it either way but you wanted to be fucked too, you wanted it so bad.

"Please just make me cum." You whined.

"How shall I do it?" he asked.

"I don't care, please."

He took another ice cube and put it in his mouth and began to suck on it while he reached down your panties and started to touch your clit, drawing slow circles that made you look up and prop yourself on your elbows to watch him. You began to roll your hips into his fingers and you threw your head back for a moment just to moan out into the large room. His large fluffy bed provided cushion and then you felt Jay starting to remove your panties. He kissed your stomach and pulled them off. Automatically, you opened your legs for him and he chuckled. You felt two of his long digits enter you one at a time. He was fingering you slowly and then suddenly you felt his cold tongue on your clit.

"Oh- oh my god yes." you moaned.

"You like that princess?"

"Yes, yes Master." You moaned.

You laid back on the bed completely and ran your hand through your hair while he licked you up with his cold wet muscle and his fingers did an excellent job fingering you.

"You do know you have to ask to cum baby but you have to cum before bedtime or I have to leave you just like this."

"Yes, yes Master." you answered with haste.

"Good girl."

Hearing good girl, did so much for you especially when Kiseok said it. You thought of him while Jay's fingers were in you. The way he held you after sex, his big hand on the back of your head while his lips met your forehead gently. He'd whisper "my sweet baby girl" so softly in his deep voice that it was like a lullabye.

Jay continued to eat you out, his tongue flicking back and forth on your clit just to drive you crazy and closer to an orgasam. You moved your hips on his fingers and he fucked you faster with them. You looked up not being able to take it anymore.

"Please, just Fuck me." you whined.

Jay looked up and smiled,

"Are you sure princess?"

You nodded feeling like you were crying,

"Yes, yes please just- do it." you begged.

Jay made it off the bed to take off his pants and you were panting hard, you had five minutes before bedtime. Jay climbed back on once he was completely naked and he cilmbed over you. He leaned down to give you a soft kiss and brought his tip up to your entrance. You looked him in the eyes ready to be fucked.

"Bedtime is approaching fast, you better cum soon." he smiled.

You nodded fast only hoping that would save time from his teasing and just give you a release. He pushed inside of you quickly and your back rose off the bed and your eyes rolled back. He gave you no time to adjust. He was big and the way he rocked into you hard was amazing. When you told him to fuck you, he took it quite literally and you loved every bit of it. You were panting and already breaking into a sweat. Your head was tossing on the bed and you were drowned in pleasure.

"Kiseok." You moaned out.

Your eyes were shut and at the moment you couldn't tell who was fucking you. It felt so good. From the one time he watched you two on the couch he knew how you liked it. The kind of fuck that had you begging. You wanted that all the damn time. You wanted that with Kiseok though. Your heart rate was wild and Jay was releasing little animal groans the harder he slammed into your body. He took your leg and turned you so that your were on your side. He still sat up moving inside you but this way he had a view of your ass and when he slapped you, you could feel your walls tighten.

"You're gonna have to cum soon Princess." Jay said.

You knew that but this way you couldn't move with him to get you there. Your fingers ran down to your clit and you began to pet yourself more thinking about Kiseok. You bit your lip this time not out of stress but the image of his neck close to you that you could lick him and kiss him. Jay slapped your ass again and moved his other hand up to your neck to choke you. Your fingers kept going and his grip tightend.

"Come on baby, come for me. Ask to come Y/n." He growled.

"Let me cum Master, I'm so close please." You whined.

He nodded with a hungry smile.

"Fuck your voice is beautiful." he said.

He leaned down letting his forehead touch yours but his lips were closer to your ear and you could hear his heavy panting just as he could hear yours. He gripped your ass with his other hand, the other one still on your neck.

"Are you thinking about him fucking you princess?"

"Yes." you mewled.

"You want your Master huh? Daddy's little girl, that's who you want? Say it baby. Say how much you want him."

His voice was drowned in ecstacy, your head felt rushed but the way he talked so hungry and demanding brought your body closer and closer to an edge.

"I want Daddy. I want Kiseok. I want him so bad." You confessed.

Your hand went to Jay's back and your fingers dig in then your nails led scratches down his back. You looked in his eyes, yours were probably fully blown just like his and you felt it. Your mouth was slightly agape and you whispered.

"I'm gonna cum."

"Go ahead." He said.

You felt him move twice more into you and your walls tensed up and you let out a high pitched moan that had your legs shaking. Your hand on his back went to grip his arm and Jay started to move slowly in you to give you a break but ride it down. You were catching your breath and you finally turned your head to look at the other side of the room. Jay pulled out of you and started to clean up.

"It's five minutes past bedtime." You whispered.

"That's okay. You can sleep now." he said.

He lifted you up to turn you the right way on the bed. You felt worn out and when your head hit the pillow you closed your eyes. He slipped Wubbie into your arms and laid down next to you and held you like Kiseok did.

"I was wrong about you Y/n. You're a pretty remarkable girl." Jay whispered.

"How?" you whispered back while starting to fade into sleep.

"Your love for him is unmatched." he chuckled.

You didn't know what he meant by that, if he was talking about his past girlfriends or just in general but you couldn't ask. Sleep had met you before you could say anything...

Before you knew it the week flew by and you were out with Jay to buy a new Dress. It was going to be your last week with him until Mintaek had to take you and it was odd because you weren't sure exactly how the scedule with him would go. He still had to follow the same rules as Jay; however, he worked night hours at the club so you weren't sure how that would work for bedtime. Maybe he'd leave early. It was only for two weeks plus he had didn't have the club open every night. You found this beautiful dress that Jay said Kiseok would really love to see you in and it would be appropriate for the party. He took you back to the penthouse to check the mail and pack your suitcase for the flight tomorrow. You were excited to be seeing him again. Your dull mood lately had sparked up and Jay seemed to think you were a different person entirely.

You were back to the normal you, the you when you were with Kiseok and it was all because you were going to see him again. It's like when a dog's owner goes on a trip and doesn't take them. They're kind of depressed and lack energy while they're away but the minute they hear their Master's voice all energy returns to them. Jay brought you to the mail box so you could check it and you looked through some of the bills that were going to need to be paid for the penthouse. Kiseok liked those filed away so you'd have to do it when you got up to the top floor. There was a letter you found addressed to you while you two were in the elevator. You waited until you two got to the penthouse to lay down the mail and open it.

Dear Y/n,
What a sweet little girl you are. I've been watching you for some time now and I know that Kiseok is gone. Don't worry though baby, I'll be there for you. Enjoy your trip with Jay but know once you come back you'll be mine. Don't think security can keep me away from you my love. No one and nothing can stop me from getting to you.
You dropped the letter and went pale. Jay looked over at you,

"What's the matter Y/n you've got to get packing."

You took in a sharp inhale like you had been holding in your breath the whole time. You gave Jay the letter and he sighed liked it was too much. That things were going too far. Why did Minho want you so bad? After all these years and now he's coming after you.

"Kiseok is going to kill him." Jay said.

"Before or after he kills me?" You said.

Jay looked at you,

"I'm not going to let him touch you and neither is Mintaek."

"That's not who I'm talking about."

Jay looked at you strangley.

"I don't talk about my past for a reason Jay and you were right even if I buried it, it still rose from the ground to attack me."

"Y/n what are you talking about?" Jay said.

His tone was almost horrified at what you were implying but he could already piece it together.

"Minho and I knew each other back in Gwang-Ju. When I was fourteen-"

You walked over to the couch and sat down. Your hands started to shake and you were crying a little. Jay knelt down in front of you and gently touched your knee. You looked up at him wiping tears.

"Him and another boy I was friends with raped me."

"Shit." Jay said horrified.

He lunged forward and hugged you and you started crying with the memory of it trying to resurface. By burying it, you thought you had let it go and that it was resolved but it wasn't. Minho you didn't even really know that well back then. It was a party and your best friend invited you and things happened.

Jay kissed your head.

"Shit Kiseok is going to fucking kill him." he said.

Jay held you tighter and that's what you were afriad of. Your past affecting his future.

"Don't tell him." You cried.


"Please don't!"

You pulled him away so that he could see you. His hand cupped your cheek and wiped your tears away.

"He can never know. Kiseok gets violent when people touch me without his permission if he knows that Minho did that I'm afraid he'll-"

"Kiseok would never hurt you." Jay declared.

"But he'll kill Minho. As much as he deserves it, Kiseok's entire future will be fucked up because of me. Please don't tell him. He can't go to jail because of me." You cried.

Jay sighed and pulled you back into a hug.

What the fuck were you going to do?

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well there's a twist for your MIND FUCK, that you just gave me... you know that "" commercial, where the peoples heads just blow purple smoke? yeah! well THATS ME! RIGHT NOW! MIND-FUCKED! ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ’จ
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@FromBlue2U I'm so happy you noticed this is why I love you blue โคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโค
woah what a twist you better watch out minho kiseok coming for your ass
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damn I knew it. kiseok is gonna kill him