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Poor baby !! xD


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cons to being the leader 😂 everyone beats you up accidently.. even yourself 😆
7 months ago·Reply
He is both the destructor and the destructed 😂
7 months ago·Reply
poor thing xD can we start a petition for the members to rap him in bubble wrap to keep him safe?
7 months ago·Reply
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altho he'd probably break the bubble wrap. or accidentally hurt himself with the bubble wrap
6 months ago
Someone needs to wrap him up with bubble wrap... that'll help him a bunch lol
7 months ago·Reply
I say Rapmon gets his own call for help number. Instead of 119, he'll have his own dedicated number for whenever he gets hurt. "Hello, this is the Rapmon has been hit number. Please tell me the following: When did it happen? What is the cause of injury? Why did it happen, and who is the cause of the injury?" This is how it would go. In the end, I love Rapmon. <3
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