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VIXX is so concept heavy its often like watching a movie when it comes to their MVs and theories.

That's why I want to suggest some movies I think Starlights will really enjoy!

1. Inception

Think of the Eternity MV where it is all just a dream. VIXX is constantly playing around with this idea of 'what is reality' so if you dig their concepts, you will probably love Inception.

2. Her

Soemthing about the virtual girl and the future world and an impossible love reminds me so much of VIXX. It's funny and sad and beautiful just like most VIXX songs :)

3. Harry Potter

Obviously Starlights love magic and fantasy and romance and drama. Everyone should love Harry Potter but VIXX fans probably love it more than normal ^_^

4. The Thieves

This Korean movie is so funny and if VIXX were in a gang this is the kind of ridiculous situations they would get into. It's seriously more comedy than action!

5. Wolf Boy

Total disclaimer: this movie will make you sob like no other. You might think a werewolf loev story is cheesy but they do this so SO well. You need to watch this!

Any more to add to the list?!

I like this
Wolf boy was amazing! I don't cry with anything....this almost did it. No cheese at all...a must watch!
i put off watching it for so long cause i thought it would just be like korean twilight hahaha but its really great!
wolf boy had me in tears...unashamedly I might add XD also The Thieves is a fantastic film, so funny...sorta sad as well, but more funny than sad ^-^
WolfBoy!!! ♥♥♥
I loved Wolf Boy! Definitely cried lol