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A/U note - First off thank you to @JarviaKlipka for making my book cover. ^_^ //
Kris sighed and rubbed his face tiredly. Everyone wanted him to be the next Alpha. He couldn't be the Alpha. He was just a kid. He just turned 15 for petes sake! Now they wanted him to look after everyone in the pack?!? How was he supposed to do that when he couldn't even talk to a girl properly!
"UGH!" Kris groaned gripping his hair. Of course part of him wanted be a great leader. Just not yet. He wanted to wait a bit before anything happened. Have a mate and some pups someday. He always wanted kids. Maybe not right away. Perhaps a few years down the road. Just not now. Even the elders had approached him about leading. The ELDERS! They never approached anyone unless it was serious. Instead they stayed back and watched over the flock to help keep things in order.
"KRIS!" A distressed voice called in the distance. "KRIS COME QUICK! WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!" It was the second in command. Before he even realized it Kris was running towards the village. He hadn't gone more than a mile when he heard the noises. Screams of terror, the smell of burning buildings. It was pure chaos. Kris didn't even blink and he transformed. He attacked and brought down many of the enemy. He knew he had to get to the enemy alpha. Thankfully this pack was weak. It was obvious there was no thought out plan to the attack.
"Our Alpha is nowhere to be seen Kris!" One of his friends spoke fighting along side him. "What do we do?"
"First protect the women and children. Gather some men to protect them. The rest come and fight. Worry about the fire later. We've got an alpha to find." Kris ordered. His friend nodded before letting out a howl. A signal for the others to come follow the order. A few hollowed back. Many where too busy fighting to respond. Every muscle in Kris's body was tense as he stalked his way towards the alpha. He could smell him. A weak alpha. Kris snorted. He would see to it that the alpha wasn't going to walk out of here.
"They sent a pup to attack an Alpha?" The enemy laughed. "Go ahead kid, it's your funeral." They moved aside. Kris held back a snarl. This was not the time to enter a petty fight. "This pack is such a joke!"
Kris ignored them and found the Alpha. He was sitting in a lavish chair with servants kneeling beside him. This infuriated Kris more. He understood serving the alpha and following orders but this was just cruel. They weren't slaves. They were your pack mates. Your family.
"A pup! How adorable! Come to surrender?" The man chuckled. Kris transformed back into his human form.
"Actually I'm here to warn you. Leave now and I'll let you live." HE spoke seriously. Roars of laughter where heard throughout the mini camp. The Alpha actually had tears he was crying so hard.
"Ah kid. Your funny. I may just let you live."
"Fight me." Kris spoke growing more and more annoyed. He no longer had patience's for this fool.
"Fight you. Child it would be a swift end for you."
"Unless your a coward." Kris shrugged. He knew it wouldn't take much to bait the alpha. The Alpha glared and stood up.
"You are fool." The alpha spoke removing his clothes. Kris was quick to transform as was the alpha. After that the area was filled with snarls and shrieks of pain. Kris received multiple bites and scratches but he never stopped. He was knocked onto his side a whimper escaping. The pain was intense but he knew that one more maneuver and he would win. Just as the alpha was going in for the bite Kris put his plan into action. The alpha was just a hairs breath away when Kris moved. He bit the alpha harshly. The alpha roared and was disoriented for a moment. Kris flipped him over and tore his neck. A short scream and then nothing. Blood was dripping from Kris's jaw. By law he was the knew alpha. He let out a long and loud howl. Things seemed to calm at that and the remaining pack members returned. They had no choice. Kris was the alpha and they had to follow his orders now.
"What are you orders Alpha?" The second in command asked.
"Begin gathering the wounded and put out the fires! After that this pack will replace everything we've lost and help rebuild our home." The second nodded and began ordering others around.
After that day Kris was the youngest Alpha in history. With Kris in charge his pack flourish. Kris was more firm but did his best to be fair in all things. Not always easy. Some of the younger ones would playfully challenge him sorely loosing each time. It was more amusing and playful than anything. Many tried to challenge Kris and every single one lost. Some lived but others Kris had to kill. He never enjoyed it but he always had a sense of who would harm his pack.
Kris's first mate gave him two children. Luhan and Tao. Sadly after giving birth to Tao she fell ill. It wasn't until Tao's fifth birthday that she finally passed. The doctors had tried everything but nothing could be done. Kris sunk into a depression. He had begun to loose the will to fight until his pack was attacked. Kris allowed his wolf to take over and tore the alpha to shreds. Thankfully his second in command brought him back to his senses. He even helped him wash the blood off. Kris was drying off when he saw her. A foreign girl looking scared, trying and failing to hide behind a tree.
"Come here!" Kris commanded using his alpha voice. The girl slowly came out. Now in full view Kris was stunned. She was a beauty. Her chocolate brown hair looked like it hadn't been brushed in days and her face and clothes where filthy. Kris had never seen someone as beautiful except for his deceased mate. It was love at first site.
"Where you with that pack?" Kris spoke in english.
"You can speak english?" The girl asked quietly.
"Yes." Kris found himself softening his tone. "Could you answer my question?" Gosh why was he sounding so soft?!? She could be an enemy or spy! Kris tried to convince himself. Stupid, idiot. He told himself mentally.
"They kidnapped me after killing my small pack."
"Are you hurt anywhere?" Kris asked now scanning for injury.
"Just a few bumps and bruises." She shrugged before wincing. Without thought Kris strode over and began to touch her shoulder. She winced and tried to pull away but Kris wasn't having any of it.
"You'll come back to my pack and become a member. There you will be looked after." HE informed her leaving no room for argument. He began to walk away but stopped when he noticed she wasn't following.
"No one will harm. I promise. If anyone bothers you I will handle it immediately." He waited until she began to walk towards him shyly.
As time went on Kris got closer and closer to the girl. Thankfully his sons took to her quite quickly. The rest of the pack adored her as well. She helped where she could and tried to rarely complain. Kris kept his promise and no one dared to even stick their tongue out at the girl. Slowly she began to learn Chinese. It had been about a year when Kris chose her as his mate. Everything was perfect once more. Until that day.
Authors note.
This is just the beginning. I know it's a little vague but that is kind of the point. The story will pick up in Chapter 2.
I just wanted to give some back story before jumping in.

I hope you all enjoyed this and want more. I have two more chapters ready and more to come! Let me know if you wished to be tagged. ^_^