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So CandY, it has officially been 5 years since Amuse released their newly formed group, Cross Gene.
Now yes, it's true that today was the day they released that video, but their official debut anniversary is on the 11th ♡
Now I don't know about y'all, but this is the video that would seal my fate forever. These boys are my life source and I get all happy and warm-hearted THAT my boys have grown since this video. It has truly been a pleasure watching their journey.
My crew and i are working out things for us to do to celebrate the 11th ♡

This is still my jam to this day ♡

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This was the song that truly got me into them. I still sing along to it all the time.
I do too. I love it
5 years and I still love this song just as much now as I did then ^-^
Yeasss Same!
That's the video/song that started it all for me too. But it's still such a great song/video and I am so proud of our boys. They've come so far and I know they will go much further. It's not the end for our boys. ❤️ Also can you add me to your Taglist? :)