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Jae Got His Twitter Back!

So if you are a Day6 fan you might remember how freaking hilarious Jae's social media accounts were.

He's the KING of hashtags.

But when Day6 lost a member and there was a lot of drama surrounding them, their accounts all went dark.

As of this week, though, Jae is back and ready to rock on Twitter!

Follow him

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Yaaaaay I love him
2 months ago·Reply
since i got a new twitter i shall follow him
2 months ago·Reply
i miss his extra-ness
2 months ago
When I saw the notification for 'idol got his social media back!' I was like OMFGGGSGJDG IT WAS JAE WASNT IT! WAS IT JAE PLEASE TELL ME IT WAS JAE and it was so now I'm like AGJDSHKDSGG
2 months ago·Reply
2 months ago
a month ago·Reply