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Who Made These Idols Wear These Inappropriate Shirts LOL

Puff Puff Pass is a phrase related to drugs LOL come on Mark!

"everything is shit"

"hoes take off your clothes"

"angel f*ck"

"hold hands, take LSD, find god"

"f*ck off"

"my pussy my rules"

"never wanted to piss on someone's face more than i want to piss on yours"

"blood and sperm all over the place"

"my kids think i have money coming out of my ;) "

"i wanna f*ck rihanna"

"porn is the new black"

who finds these shirts?! who dresses them!?

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I feel that some artist and stylist might not know what it says and they just wear it cause it looks cool. although there are some who do know but will wear it because they like it or they think others I the immediate area don't know. People have to understand that it is a high chance that the print won't be understood unless you English
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Y'all know Onew's shirt is actually the truth 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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But the stylists don't dress them when they go to airports and stuff.
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Yeah, but they still choose to wear sponsored clothing
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Some of these are their own choices, which is twice as amusing. CX
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