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Everything was going perfect. Kris had everything a guy could ask for. Love, respect and family. Things could not have been going better. That's what he thought at least. Until his mate surprised him. She was pregnant. Kris couldn't help but let a few tears escape. He was over joyed to be having another child. Kris rarely left her side after that and sent the others to do jobs  he didn't need to be there for. Anytime he had to leave her he whined like a child and kissed her stomach goodbye. 
"Boys look after your mom while I'm away!" Kris ordered. 
"Of course Bà." Luhan assured him. Kris left begrudgingly. 
"Alright Jason what is so important you had to drag me all the way out here?" Kris asked once he reached the meeting place. The other Alpha looked shaken. 
"I need to warn you. There's an Alpha out there who's unlike any other." He spoke shakily. Kris couldn't help but snort. 
"You sound like a corny movie. There is no Alpha that I have not been able to defeat. Including yourself in case you don't remember." Kris replied cockily. 
"I remember." He replied bitterly. It was still a blow to his ego. He shook his head trying to stay focused. 
"This alpha is different." 
"Different how?" 
"Different like he's cursed or dark magic. Just something I don't know!" Jason shook his head. 
"Tell me what happened." Kris spoke leading Jason to sit down. 
"He just appeared one day. Challenged me. Of course I didn't back down." Jason stared into space not really focusing on anything. "It was like he knew all of my moves before I did. He kicked my ass. He said I wasn't the one he was looking for. So he left. I thought that was it." Jason laughed without humor as he wrung his hands together. 
"He came back a few days later and just had this aura about him. The kind that makes a grown man tuck his tail between his legs and run. I hate to admit this but I nearly did just that! Me an Alpha!" His laugh was more on hysteria than anything. Kris watched silently arms crossed in front of him. 
"He just walked through the village like 'no big deal'. The next day half of my pack was sick. It was like we had a plague. Except it was only select members. Some of the elders and some of the pups. Dead within twenty-four hours. He told me it was punishment for loosing. That I was responsible." He ran through his hair. Kris continued to remain silent. This all sounded too ludicrous. 
"We were alone and he showed me. He showed me his real face." Jason nearly began to hyper ventilate. "It's nothing you can imagine. I don't even know how to describe it." It took Jason a few moments to gather himself. 
"He said your next. Your family is the one he's been looking for." 
Kris froze for a moment his family?! What did his fam-
"He's already there and your a distraction." Kris spoke through gritted teeth. Jason began to cower as Kris's Alpha side was coming out. 
"PATHETIC!" Kris growled punching Jason. The impact causing him to fly a few feet back. Kris ignored him and began to run. Adrenaline pumped through his veins. He made it back in record time. The compound was awfully silent and Kris did not like that one bit. There was a man in black robe standing before his house. His second in command and a few others where standing outside the door. This was not good. 
"Who are you?!" Kris growled. His wolf was itching to tear this man to pieces. 
"I go by many names but most call me Èmó" He spoke. His voice sending chills down Kris's spine. He didn't let it show. 
"I hear you've been looking for me." Kris spoke. 
"I have." The man smiled. "I came to challenge you." 
"Accepted!" Kris spoke without thinking. He was too wound up to think straight. 
The man held a hand up. "Be warned. If you defeat me there is a price you must pay." 
All he received was a snarl. 
"Very well. Let's begin." the man began to shift. He transformed into a large black wolf. Kris was quick to transform letting out a snarl. They circled one another before attacking. The fight was the longest one yet. The sun had long since set and Kris was exhausted. The other man didn't seem to tire. With the last of his strength Kris attacked the other. After receiving a few bites he felt the other fall limp. Knowing he had won he allowed his body to get out. 
'Remember there is a price you will pay.' The voice spoke causing Kris to Jerk awake. Sweat covered his body as he struggled to get the blanket off of him. His limbs felt heavy. He raised a heavy arm to rub the sleep out of his eyes. Squinting at the bright light. It took him a moment to figure out what exactly had happened. He had fought and won? Ugh he couldn't remember. He allowed his wolf to take over. A soft knock sounded before the door opened. Instantly he relaxed and smiled. His mate came in carrying a tray. She set the tray down before grabbing a pillow. It looked like she was just fluffing it before she began to attack Kris with it. 
"What the hell!?!" He tried to grab it. 
"You terrible man! Do you know how worried I was!?! You've been asleep for nearly an entire week! Don't. Ever. Do. That. Again!" 
Kris grabbed her pulling into his arms. 
"I'm sorry." He replied kissing her. "But the dangers over and everyones safe now." He held her close. The mans voice was nagging at him but it had to of just been a nightmare. Right? A few months later and his daughter was born. His first daughter. She came early and Kris could not of been happier. Everyone was excited. A few months later his daughter transformed of the first time. She had just learned to crawl when it happened. The pack was having a party so everyone was distracted. No one noticed the newest member of the pack crawling into the forest. A high ear piercing squeal had literally everyone running to the forest. By then it was too late. 
"I told you there was a price for defeating me. Any woman born in your family will be hunted once they transform. That is the price for killing my mother. She was pregnant at the time. It was supposed to be a little girl." Kris was too in shock to respond. His mate was in hysteria along with his sons. The man disappeared once more. 
At his wife insistence they tried again. It worked and she was pregnant once more. This time Kris literally never left her side and doubled security. The man in the black cloak never appeared again but Kris wasn't taking any chances. He was excited and worried about his future child. By the time child birth came around Kris's mate health was failing. 
"Her name in Mi-Nah." His wife told him weakly. Kris didn't have a chance to respond as it was time for his wife to give birth. Moments later a scream filled the air. 
"It's a girl." The nurse informed him holding her out to Kris. Numbly he took the child in his arms. 
"We're loosing her!" Another nurse called. Everything became chaotic in that moment. Kris wanted to loose it but the child in his arms seemed to keep his wolf in check. Kris was ushered out by a nurse and he could only stand there numbly. Looking down at his daughter tears began to fall. He already knew she was going to look just like her mother. 
"I'm sorry Alpha." The doctor frowned. "We couldn't save her." 
4 years later
A squeal of delight and laughter filled the air pulling Kris from his thoughts. His daughter was playing with Luhan and Tao. The boys took to looking after right away. They all had, had sleepless nights and stayed up when she was sick to watch over her. Kris vowed that night he would never allow his daughter to transform. 
"Mi-Nah!" Kris called with a smile. 
"DADDY!" She squealed happily. "Save me! Save me!" She laughed holding her arms up. Tao was pretending to be a monster. Kris smiled and swooped down to pick her up. 
"Your always safe in your daddy's arms." HE told her. 
10 years later
"WE can't move!" A now 14 year old Mi-nah whined. "Aaron was just about to ask me out!" She gasped and covered her mouth. Her dad had no clue that Aaron Yang was interested in her. 
"He what?!" Her father demanded. "What did I say about dating?!?" 
"Not unless he passes all of your requirements." Mi-nah mumbled trying and failing not to roll her eyes. "But daddy," She whined stomping her foot a little. "That's like impossible! What your asking is like two guys instead of one! Not possible!" 
"Which means you'll never date and daddy won't have to worry." Kris spoke smugly. Mi-Nah groaned. "Why do we have to move all the way to South Korea?!" 
"An old friend needs help with his," Kris paused trying to find the right way to explain it without giving things away. 
"Business." Luhan provided. He wasn't fond of moving either but understood keeping the secret. 
"Business! Yes!" Kris spoke. Luhan rolled his eye and crossed his arms while Tao pouted from his seat. 
"I don't want to go! I want to stay here! I don't even speak the language!" 
"You'll have all summer to learn it." Kris held up a hand silencing the three kids. "No more arguments. My decision is final."