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A little while ago this tweet was tweeted.....see anything significant about it???

Well here's the picture of the Festa line up to help solve it.
do you see what is on for tomorrow's release date???'s the same Hangul writing as on the audio file picture.

So it will be released tomorrow....

here is another thing, I read the Hangul underneath the title which is
오늘 오전 which literally translates as Today Morning.....

so...some of us get to enjoy this release in the morning.....yeah I know that's a little extra...but I wanted to add that in to something lol.

Now here is another Question.

Or is it going to be just a song from Jhope....or better yet his mixtape?
Or who else could it be!??!?!

These obviously are the 2 that I think it'll be, but....What if Jimin does one!?!? I think he would slay all army's again, since his cover with Looking.
Or maybe Looking finally completed a song on his own.
Jin...what if he decided it's time to go for it to and write a song!?!? That would be awesome! Or better yet Jin and Suga worked together to make something beautiful!?!?

OK so I still think my first 2 choices is who it'll be but if it's not then that's OK.

SOOOOOO What do you think? Who's it going to be!?!?!
Click here to hear 4 o'clock by V and RM
I was very Happy my first thought was right!


im reading vingle backwards so i already know what it is and thannk GOD is didnt see this before hahahah i'd be a nervous wreck!
I was sorta confused on this whole Festa thing. What is it?
It's just like 2 weeks before BTS debut date (6/13/13) they have a bunch of things they share close to every single day until the debut date...which marks another anniversary of bts. it's literally to give more love and heart attacks to army's lol
a couple more hrs til its released
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right I'm excited!!!