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"I can't believe we have to live in South Korea." Tao grumbled.
"No friends." Mi-Nah sighed.
"Foreign language." Luhan supplied.
"Foreign language plus school! After one summer!" Mi-Nah threw he hands up. "Like, how am I supposed to be able to function when I don't understand a darn thing they are saying!"
"Did you forget about us?" Luhan stared at his Mèimei. "We're suffering too!"
"Of course not!" Mi-Nah rolled her eyes. "It's just girls are going to be fawning all over you two!"
The two boys gave her incredulous looks.
"Oh come on!" She scoffed. " Luhan Gē looks like a child and adorable. They won't understand he's a major pervert- EEK!" Mi-Nah screamed as Luhan lunged for her.
"Get back here you brat!"
"Make me!" Mi-Nah stuck out her tongue. She screamed and laughed as Luhan lunged for her and missed her once again.
"Tao Gē!" Mi-Nah yelled. "Help me!" She was running out of options to get away from him. Tao just laughed and shook his head.
"Nu-uh! Your on your own kid."
"Hmph!" Mi-Nah pouted momentarily forgetting about Luhan. This gave him the opportunity to grab her. Mi-Nah screamed as Luhan put her in a firm choke hold.
"Let me go you big meany!" Mi-Nah used all her strength to pull away. It was useless. Luhan looked week but in all actuality, he was very strong.
"You called me a pervert!"
"You are one!"
"It's true Gē." Tao laughed at the sight.
"Do you want to be in a choke hold as well?" Luhan challenged. "I have a free arm."
Mi-Nah sighed before speaking with a solemn voice. "The truth hurts don't it bro?" Luhan glared at his Mèimei. Tao burst out laughing causing Mi-Nah's straight face to crumble. "There are people you could talk to about th-this s-s-situation!" She burst out laughing. Even as Luhan gave her a noogie. Tao had tears from laughing so hard. While the two siblings where distracted Luhan was able to keep Mi-Nah in a choke hold and move Tao so he was sitting on him.
"Your fat!" Tao grumbled no longer amused by the situation at hand.
"Your just weak." Luhan ruffled Tao's hair. Tao gasped and began using every bit of strength to get Luhan off. He bucked up causing Luhan to loose balance and fall onto Mi-Nah.
"OW!" Mi-Nah high pitch cry sounded. Luhan was by no means fat. His full weight on her however was not welcome and her wrist was now bent at a funny angle. Luhan swiftly moved off of her while Tao got up and bent down beside her. Mi-Nah whimpered bringing her right arm to her chest cradling it.
"DADDY!" Mi-Nah cried as she cradled her hand to her chest. Moments later pounding footsteps could be heard and the door thrown open.
"What happened?! What's wrong?! What did you boys do now?" Kris glared. Mi-Nah was always getting hurt when playing with her brothers.
"It was accident!" Luhan swore. "It's Luhan's fault!" Tao pointed.
"How is it my fault!?! Your the ones that bucked me off of you!"
"I wouldn't of had to if you hadn't touched my hair! Beside you where the one keeping Mi-Nah in a choke hold!"
Luhan raised a fist but was stopped by his dad.
"Enough from both of you!" He ordered. Mi-Nah sniffled still holding her wrist. His gaze softened as he turned towards his daughter.
"Let daddy see."
"Nooo." Mi-Nah whined turning away from him. "It'll hurt!"
"It's just going to be worse if Daddy doesn't know if we need to take you to the doctors or not." He scolded gently. Slowly Mi-Nah turned and allowed her daddy to look at it. His eyes widen at how much it had already swollen.
"We're going to the doctors." He spoke scooping her up in his arms. "I'll deal with you two when I get back."
"Dad!" Tao whined.
"It really was an accident!" Luhan spoke.
"Accident or not you still need to be careful of your baby sister!" With that Kris exited the room. He helped Mi-Nah put some shoes on before pacing her in the car. Thankfully it was just a really bad sprain and no broken bones. She would need to keep it in a brace for a while. Which meant she really couldn't help with the packing or moving.
"Can we get ice cream?" Mi-Nah asked as they got into the car. Kris gave her a look which usually meant no. Mi-Nah sighed.
"Okay." She spoke in a sad tone. "I guess my wrist will just heal really slow without the proper medicine."
Kris sighed and Mi-Nah knew she had won. He pulled into the parking lot at the market. "You can't have your "Medicine" until after supper!"
"Yay!" Mi-Nah cheered. "Thank you daddy!" She said sweetly. Kris just smiled and rolled his eyes. After getting everything they needed they returned home. Tao and Luhan helped Mi-Nah prepare supper and cleaned the dishes after. After Mi-Nah explained it really was just an accidnet. It was their punishment for the next week. All things considered they got off pretty easy. This time.
Mi-Nah packed her things carefully. It's not fair! She thought glumly.
"Why can't we just stay behind while you handle business?" Mi-Nah asked becoming gloomier and gloomier. The days seemed to be moving faster. None of the siblings where happy. They all tried to stay out of the house and hang with friends as long as possible. It would be time to say goodbye before they would know it.
"Luhan and Tao can look after me. I'll make sure to behave! You can even give me a curfew! And I won't date! Just please let us stay daddy!" Mi-Nah tried the puppy dog eyes making cute little whimper noises. Kris raised a brow. Mi-Nah was a good girl but he knew she would end up dating. Luhan and Tao where too young. Well, that's what he told himself. If Mi-Nah had been a boy he may just think that possibility over.
"No." He spoke firmly. Mi-Nah's face fell. Gosh those puppies eyes really where his weakness. He nearly said yes. If she had kept it up he would of caved. Spoiled little thing.
"Oh come on! Please! I don't want to leave my friends behind! I won't have anyone but my stupid brothers and learning Korean is hard!" She whined.
"Your a smart, sweet, girl. You'll make friends in no time. I'm sure they'll help you with your Korean anyways."
"Ugh! Why do you have to ruin my life?!" She exclaimed dramatically. She didn't wait for a response and stomped out of her father study. Her brothers where waiting. When they saw the reaction they knew it was over. They were moving as soon as school ended. That meant no more sleep overs and eating junk food till they where sick. No more makeovers and being stupid. Just gone. Nothing left. Mi-Nah lay pouting on her bed when her phone dinged. Lazily she looked to see who it was. She instantly perked when she saw who was texting her.
from Handsome Guy *
Hey Mi-Nah, What are you up to right now?
To Handsome Guy*
Taking a break from packing.
Mi-Nah wanted to put more but didn't want to seem needy or desperate. She had to play it cool.
From Handsome Guy*
I hear packing makes people hungry. Have you eaten yet?
Mi-Nah tried to hold back a squeal. Arron Yang just basically asked her out! She was on cloud nine. It took her a moment to realize she hadn't responded yet.
To Handsome Guy*
Not yet. I don't feel like eating with my family right now.
She didn't have to wait long before her phone beeped.
From Handsome Guy*
How about joining me for dinner. Will you eat then?
Mi-Nah was all but jumping up and down with excitement. She couldn't stop smiling if she wanted to. She was finally going on a date with Aaron Yang! One of the hottest guys in her class!
To Handsome Guy*
Depends. What did you have in mind?
From Handsome Guy*
Leave it all to me. Meet me at the park in a half hour.
Mi-Nah grabbed her pillow before screaming into it. She was so happy she could nearly cry. A half hour! That didn't give her long. She grabbed her best clothes that hadn't been packed yet and swiftly changed. She tried to style her hair but it was impossible. 'Pony tail it is' she thought with a sigh.
"Mi-Nah! Dad says come eat!" Tao's voice called through the door.
"Tell him I'm taking a nap and will eat later! I want to be left alone."
Mi-Nah waited for his footsteps to fade before she began doing her makeup. She kept it simple before deeming herself ready. It would have to do for now. Quietly as she could she opened her window. Hopefully she would be back before anyone noticed her gone.