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Come readers, and let me tell you a story. A story of a man and his hair... Once upon a time in May of 1988, a baby was born. This baby, Dong Youngbae, had very thick, but otherwise normal baby hair. As he grew older, he had other typical hairstyles: The spiky-haired student, for example. The "I'm-growing-my-hair-out" phase. The "I wasn't kidding about growing my hair out" phase. In the beginning of his rise to superstardom, Youngbae gave himself the name Taeyang. He kept the shaggy hair until... ... he discovered braids. Taeyang's braids helped him and his band, Big Bang, stand out during their debut, and he kept them for a while. But he could only keep them for so long. He'd had the long hair for quite some time, and braids take a lot of maintenance. So, in 2007, Taeyang cut his hair, shaved the sides of his head, and brought us the infamous faux hawk. And he kept it. With every new photoshoot and every new performance, the other members' hair changed, but Taeyang's faux hawk remained. It began to grow. And grow. It reached an impressive height. He brought his fauxhawk with him to the US. Nothing could come between Taeyang and his fauxhawk. Not even a long hiatus. In fact, the fauxhawk seemed to only grow stronger while Big Bang was away... The hair was taking control, and many fans were concerned. Then, it did get out of control- oh no! Thankfully, Taeyang's coordinoona saved him by taming the wild hair with velcro rollers. The kimbap hair was only a temporary solution, however. With this much hair came so many options- after four or so years of nothing shaved sides and aquanet, Taeyang had so many things to try! Like these braids! This perm and center part! And even these rope twists! Then, in a shoot for Vogue, the hair got out of control once more. The asymmetrical pointed horns were the tipping point- something had to be done. He tied the out-of-control hair down with ribbons in hopes that this would save him. The ribbons couldn't hold forever, and the mowhawk couldn't be tamed. In November of 2013, Taeyang came back to us with a teaser photo, revealing the tallest, blondest hairstyle to date. The hair had won, Taeyang was defeated. He's now forced to forgo shirts, as he can't get them over his head, and he has to duck to get through doorways. Ahh, the struggles of a tall-haired man. Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/11/comeback-special-taeyangs-hair-through-the-years#ixzz2kPhOwiqD Follow us: @allkpop on Twitter | allkpop on Facebook