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Disclaimer: The events are purely fictional. While BTS is real, I don't know them personally so this is just for fun. the original picture does not belong to me, but the editing does.

Warning: May contain mild language, violence, and blood. Later chapters may contain sensuality and/or smut, but not yet.

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Narrator POV
“Actually,” Jin continued, unaffected, “there’s an important gathering coming up. Vampires and humans who are trying for peace and equality will be there to discuss methods and such. I think it’d be beneficial to you, and to all of us, if you came.”
“Thanks for the invitation,” she smiled, then sighed. “But I know how both humans and vampires feel about enforcers showing up to their gatherings.”
“Enfor—“ They all immediately took a step back except Namjoon who simply stared at her in confusion. He didn’t believe she was actually and enforcer. She seemed like such a nice person. This could change everything.
Sam let out a snort of air through her nose. She shouldn’t keep getting surprised by the reactions. She rolled her eyes and went back to the kitchen, grabbing Namjoon’s phone. Her gun was still tucked into the back of her pants.
“Your phone.” She held out his phone, a look of annoyance on her face. Namjoon took the phone from her unsure of how to react. She was kind and caring, he knew that for sure. She had saved his life last night. But she was also an enforcer. Human enforcers were notorious for their elitist feelings and actions towards vampires. “I guess that’s it then. Would you like your card back?” She held the card out.
“Keep it,” Namjoon told her. “I’m sorry about our reaction. I can see that you’re obviously not a bad person, I just—it’s a natural reaction for vampires.”
Sam put her hand down. With a sad smile on her face she nodded. “I guess that’s true. Considering what people in my position have done, even with you knowing me a little, I guess it’s fair. Humans have the same reaction with vampire enforcers. Wait a second.” She went into her bedroom and the others relaxed.
“I feel bad,” Hoseok said, Taehyung only then stepping out from behind him.
“Can we go?” Jungkook asked with a shaky voice.
“Yeah, please?” Taehyung asked in the same manner.
Sam came back and Taehyung and Jungkook went back to hiding behind Hoseok and Jimin. She gave a small stack of cards to Namjoon.
“One for each of you,” she told him. “If you’re ever in a bad situation, call me. These ones have my personal number on them so if you call that, you’ll get me, not my office. I’m almost never at my desk. And keep those cards on you. If something happens, it might get you to one of my friends at the precinct.”
“Thanks,” Namjoon and Yoongi said at the same time. They looked at each other, annoyed. Sam laughed. Namjoon already found himself intrigued by the sound of her unique laugh.
“The invitation’s still open, by the way,” Jin told her.
“One of us can come pick you up,” Yoongi offered. “If you come in with us, you’ll be fine. It’s a good place to get resources if you’re serious about helping people.”
Sam smiled at him making him smile back. Namjoon looked at them, eyes flashing with warning again. “Thank you. I’ll consider it.”
“It’s not for another couple weeks, so you’ll have time to decide.”
“I’ll make sure to do that.”
“I guess we’ll leave you to it then,” Namjoon said quickly. Before he could even finish talking, Jungkook and Taehyung were already scrambling out the door. Sam cocked an eyebrow. “Enforcers did some really bad things to them and their families when they were just kids. It scarred them pretty badly.”
Sam nodded her head thoughtfully. “I’m sorry about that. Sometimes people are the biggest monsters. I’ll try to stay away from them. But they’re still welcome to contact me should they need it.”
“I’ll make sure they know it.”
“Thank you for taking care of Namjoon,” Hoseok called from the door. “I’m gonna go after the kids.”
“Yes, thank you,” Jimin agreed, then started jogging after them as well.
Jin looked between the three of them. “I’m gonna head out too. See you guys at the car. Thanks for looking out for Namjoon.” Then he left, leaving the three alone.
“Hyung, you go ahead,” Namjoon told Yoongi. “I just need to talk to her for a quick moment.”
Yoongi narrowed his eyes at Namjoon. He found himself not wanting to let Sam be alone with Namjoon. Sam was what Yoongi would definitely consider to be his type. She was cute with a kind face and an obviously caring heart, though being an enforcer also meant she was tough. Her looks caught his attention as soon as he saw her and what he’d seen of her personality drew him in. He liked her.
“I’ll be sure to call you guys if I decide to go,” Sam assured him. Her voice made him smile.
“I’ll look forward to hearing from you,” Yoongi said with a smile. Sam smiled back, making his heart skip a beat. That was enough for him, so he bowed politely to her and left.
Namjoon was pissed. As much as her being an enforcer had initially made him wary, he still found himself drawn to her. He’d warned the guys with looks that he was interested in Sam, but Yoongi was ignoring him. And it looked like Yoongi’s subtle flirting was working on her.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was an enforcer before. I guess I just didn’t think about it,” Sam told him, breaking him out of his thoughts. Namjoon smiled.
“It’s alright. I shouldn’t have reacted like that. I knew you were a good person, I just wasn’t thinking. And the young ones—“
“I understand. There are things that we go through that can scar us pretty badly. And I know how bad enforcers can be.”
“Then why do you stay?”
“Because if those of us that are still fair leave, then only those bad people will be there. There’ll be no one to watch or regulate them. That’s why some other enforcers hate us, we keep them in check.”
Namjoon smiled and then rummaged through his clothes to find his wallet. He pulled it out and handed her a card. “This is my work number.” He pulled out a pen from his jacket pocket. He held her hand that held his card and wrote his cell phone number on it. “This is my cell number, so you’ll know when you see it.”
Sam’s heart was racing, his touch sent electricity down her spine. When he met her eyes, they both froze. Namjoon felt a sudden, overwhelming urge to kiss her. It took everything to keep from doing so. He tore his eyes away and let go of her hand. Sam took in a shaky breath. Never before had she felt that.
Namjoon licked his lips. “I’d like it… if you messaged me. Not just for the gathering. Maybe dinner? I owe you for last night.”
Sam laughed at herself in her head. Of course that’s what he meant. She knew that men didn’t look at her the way they looked at other women. She wasn’t a sweet, petite damsel in distress. That was probably for the best, anyway. A human enforcer and a vampire official? He would be foolish to even consider something like that. And so would she. Anyway, it wasn’t like she was really looking for anything new. It had been a few years, but she wasn’t sure if she could move on yet, as much as she needed to.
“You don’t owe me anything, it’s just what I do.”
“No,” his voice shifted. “You enforce, that’s what you do. This is above that. And I’d like to repay you for that.”
“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, a vampire official eating dinner with an enforcer? Out of context, it wouldn’t look good for either of us.” Namjoon frowned. She was right. As much as he hated it, she was right. “Maybe after meeting, if I end up going, then maybe with people knowing who I was and where I stand, maybe…” Should she chance it? See if she was finally able to move on? Just one step? Yes. “…I could let you buy me dinner.”
Namjoon’s face lit up. Sam found herself fascinated by the prominent dimples he had. They were exactly the same as she dreamed—how bizarre.
“Then, I’ll expect to see you there.”
“I said, if—“
“No, I have to pay you back, so you’re going to have to come. I’ll message you so you don’t forget.” And with that, Namjoon stepped backwards to the door. With a parting smile, he turned around and left. Sam couldn’t help herself watch him walk away. Those pants really were nice and tight on him.
Namjoon barely got to the car when he was already texting her, a silly grin on his face. He sat in the middle row of the SUV and Jin drove off. Namjoon kept catching Yoongi glaring at him from the side view mirror, but he ignored it. Hoseok was sitting in the back between Taehyung and Jungkook.
“You guys okay?” Namjoon asked them.
“Y-yeah,” Taehyung replied. “She was nice. It’s just, as soon as she said she was an enforcer, I panicked.”
“Me too,” Jungkook admitted.
“I understand. She said she understood as well. She has a good reason to stay as an enforcer though.”
“Why’s that?” Jin asked.
“So that there’s one less reason people have to be afraid of enforcers. So that someone can try to keep the bad ones in check. She’s something else…” Namjoon sighed pleasantly.
“Hyung!” Jimin exclaimed. “Do you like her? Already?”
Namjoon’s face turned slightly red. “Yeah, I do. I don’t know why, but I really like her. In the past several years, I’ve never felt for someone the way she made me feel. I felt like I was being pulled in. And I only knew her for minutes. I think she felt it too.”
Yoongi turned himself to face the back. “That’s not fair Namjoon,” he warned.
“What’s not fair?”
“You’re going to make me look like the bad guy.”
“How’s that?”
“Because you said it like you’re looking at her as a mate. Now, if I want to see her, it’ll look like I’m trying to steal her.”
“See her?!” Namjoon shouted, unbuckling his seat belt.
“Knock it off!” Jin yelled. Everyone fell silent. Jin was usually calm and quiet about things and didn’t usually raise his voice like that. He was also the only one who could put everyone in their place. “You two have known her for only a few minutes and you don’t actually know anything about her. Why don’t you wait and talk to her, if she comes to the gathering, instead of trying to tear each other’s throats out, huh?”
Namjoon sat back and buckled his seat. Jin was right. You didn’t find a mate that quickly, everyone knew that was like believing in love at first sight, it wasn’t possible. And he knew he hadn’t felt that moment of true connection the way vampires felt with a potential mate. His phone buzzed. He fumbled with his pocket trying to get the phone out. When he saw his save name for Sam, Feisty, he broke out into a wide grin. He quickly messaged her back.
“Is that Sam?’ Yoongi asked, staring in the side mirror.
Jin sighed and rolled his eyes. This was going to be a long two weeks.
For the entire two weeks leading up to the gathering, my phone was blowing up with messages from Namjoon and Yoongi. I was resigned to the fact that my number was apparently not going to be used just for emergencies. At the same time, I enjoyed it. Not many people were willing to be around me. The people I worked with knew my opinion regarding vampires and humans so only other like-minded coworkers talked to me. In a way, we kind of had a clique of our own. I only had a handful of people I considered family and most of my friends from my academy days were the people I worked with. There was no one else for me.
Namjoon messaging me made my stomach uneasy both in good and bad ways. Every day that passed made me want to see him again and I wasn’t sure how to feel about that. I hadn’t felt that way about a man for… for a long time. It was refreshing and scary. I agreed to go to the meeting since both he and Yoongi were next thing to begging me. Plus… I wanted to see him again, if only to find out if I was capable of actually liking him in that way. Not that it would mean anything since I’m sure he only thought of me as a friend.
Namjoon messaged me to say that they all had split into two cars since there would now be eight of them coming. Hoseok was going to take the youngest ones in his car since they were obviously still uneasy around me. Jin, Namjoon, and Yoongi would pick me up in their car. I was glad to hear that it wasn’t an entirely ‘dress-up’ affair. Everyone at the gathering would be wearing their own work or casual attire. Although nervous about attending, Namjoon had informed me that there would be a few vampire enforcers attending as well and that they would be wearing their work attire. He encouraged me to do the same even though I was nervous as to how I would be received.
Namjoon messaged me saying that he was there and would come up to meet me, but I messaged back that I would come down as I had picked up another stray who was wary of vampires. The poor kid. Maybe I just read too much into the text, but he didn’t seem happy to hear that. When I met them at the car, Namjoon was in the driver seat in front of me and Yoongi was in the front passenger seat.
“Your uniform looks really good on you,” Namjoon complimented with a slight lilt in his voice. It almost sounded like he was flirting with me.
“Thanks. I think so too,” I agreed playfully. Two could play that game, and for some reason, I actually wanted to play.
“Oo, she bites,” Yoongi cut in. I looked over at him and smiled.
“Gotta keep up with the company.” Jin chuckled.
Namjoon looked back at Jin in surprise, then looked at me. “You made Jin laugh. Normally, he only laughs at his own jokes. Your smartass skills have been acknowledged.”
“Thank you for the acknowledgment, m’lord.” Then I bowed dramatically at the back of Namjoon’s seat. Jin let out a small snort and it sent all of us into a fit of laughter.
When the laughter finally died down, Yoongi and Namjoon began to explain exactly what was going to happen at the gathering. The gathering was an opportunity for like-minded vampires and humans, usually with a lot of money and/or influence, to get together and discuss plans to expand the equality effort. They would discuss which people in which places were on their side as well as discuss procedures for dealing with continuous problems. The vampire enforcers that would be attending would be there to help give insight into the problem from an ‘on the ground’ perspective. They were also an important part of the work efforts to protect both vampires and humans whom other uncaring enforcers had come across.
We pulled up to the venue and parked. I found myself biting the middle knuckle of my forefinger. I don’t know when the weird habit started, but it was something I always did when nervous. I pulled my finger away to continue my efforts to break the habit. Even though it didn’t work.
Yoongi turned to me with a smile on his face. “Don’t worry. We’ll be right there with you.” I smiled nervously back at him. I felt almost sick with anxiety. Namjoon quickly got out of the car and opened my door. He held out his hand and I laughed as I took it, allowing for his polite chivalry. The laugh died the second I touched his hand. It was like hot, yet pleasant, flames flowed through my hand, into my chest, and then spread throughout my whole body. I met Namjoon’s eyes. His eyes were pale red, like the color of his blood. I gasped, still trapped in whatever spell was happening, as he pulled me out of my seat and into his chest, wrapping his free arm around me. My breath was caught in my throat and I felt paralyzed in his gaze.
“What are you doing to me?” Namjoon asked in a low voice.
“I… I don’t know…” I replied breathily. I didn’t even understand what the hell was happening. Thoughts were fluid and incorporeal, no longer allowing me to grasp onto them. “What are you doing to me?”
“What are you two doing?” Yoongi called from the other side of the car. When Namjoon looked at him, his eyes still the same color, Yoongi yelled “Fuck!” and slammed his door shut.
The spell between us was broken. I blinked rapidly as if released from hypnosis, slid my hand out of Namjoon’s, and pulled away from his arms.
“Shit,” Namjoon muttered.
“What… what was that?” I still felt lost.
“It would appear that you’re a bondmate for Namjoon,” Jin stated.
“A… mate?”
“A bondmate, a potential mate,” he reiterated. “Nothing will happen without both of your permission. Plus, there’s the whole ritual you have to go through.”
A bondmate? I’d heard that term before. “So what does this mean?”
“It means,” Yoongi started with a huff, sounding pissed, “that our Namjoon has very strong feelings for you. It doesn’t mean that you actually return them.”
I looked at Namjoon with wide eyes and felt my cheeks heat up. “N-Namjoon—“
“There you guys are!” Hoseok shouted from near the entrance. “We’ve been waiting.”
“Let’s go,” Namjoon said quickly and brushed past me, walking towards Hoseok. My eyes could do nothing but follow after him in confusion and… hurt. I tried to shrug it off and followed after him.
Jin kept pace with me. Voice quiet, he told me, “Be careful not to lead him on if you’re not interested. Vampires’ emotions can be… difficult when it’s regarding a bondmate.” I looked at him, surprised to hear him telling me this. “You only barely know each other, so take time to figure out how you feel. Just, until you figure it out, be less attentive rather than too attentive. Including to other people. And don’t take it to heart if he’s avoiding or ignoring you. That’s the best thing to give you space and allow him to control himself and make sure he doesn’t cause problems with other vamps.”
“Thank you,” I responded distractedly. Bondmate? It seemed way too surreal. I barely knew Namjoon. Of course I found him attractive, but to already be considered a potential mate… What had I done wrong to accidentally mess with him like that? I was only peripherally aware of the walk to the elevator and then up it. Namjoon and I had talked via text, but it was mostly about what was going on that day or the next, not about personal stuff. I liked talking to him and I liked him talking to me, but it had been a long time since I had had attention from a man, so I was worried that it was just me trying to overwrite my loneliness, though I had turned people down before. And there was still the matter of moving on. Even thinking of Namjoon brought his face to mind.
The elevator reached the floor and we walked into the giant room where the gathering was being held. At first, people called out to the guys. Until they saw me. I watched their expressions change from curiosity to confusion to disdain.
“What’s a human enforcer doing here?” a voice from the crowd asked. Other voices murmured in agreement.
“Are there not vampire enforcers here?” I shot back reflexively. I heard Hoseok and Jin suck in short breaths through their teeth. “Do you really believe the only fair enforcers are vampires? Because that doesn’t sound like equality to me.”
One of the men closest to us looked ready to retort back when a voice called from the crowd. “Is that you Wester?” I immediately recognized the voice.
“Ravi!” I yelled back. The crowd parted for the man. Ravi was one of the few equalist vampire enforcers that I’d had the pleasure of working with. I walked past the guys and we bumped fists. I could swear I heard the sound of a low growl, but I just shrugged it off.
“I’m surprised to see you here. I didn’t know you were so involved.”
“That makes two of us.” Another enforcer came out, Ken, and greeted me the same way.
“You know her?” one of the men from the larger group asked.
“Yeah, this is the chick I mentioned before. She guarded Ji HaeJu’s kid when he was thrown in jail on that trumped up charge. She and a couple others stayed there for three days straight until the lawyers got him out. She and the people working with her are probably the only reasons why a lot of vampires who get thrown in are still alive and in one piece. She’s one of the good ones.” I remembered that kid. He must’ve been the kid of someone important if Ravi was using the boy as an ‘example’ of what I did.
“Then I guess between her escorts and you two, she’s alright.” The man held out his hand. After a moment of hesitation, I took it and shook it firmly. He and several others nearby started introducing themselves. Most of them worked in one of the divisions of the government while a few others provided the monetary support for the effort. A few of them were human and commented on how pleased they were that they got to meet one of the people who were helping to keep up some faith in the enforcer system on the human side.
Now that the initial tension was gone, the crowd went back to its usual thing. Yoongi joined me and the other two enforcers to help introduce me to people they thought would be interested in talking to me about what I did. Periodically, I spotted Namjoon. It almost looked like he was following, never too close, but never too far. I wondered if it had anything to do with my shaking hands with people and with Yoongi periodically lightly touching me to direct me in one direction or another. I worried if it was what Jin had warned me about.
It didn’t take long before I was truly grateful that I decided to come. I met so many people who gave me cards and told me who to call when for different circumstances. I even ran into one of the people who had stayed at my apartment for a couple weeks and found out that he was actually now a head accountant in the vampire system. He began telling people what I had done and people started telling me about the safe house systems they had in place. I saw Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin a few times, but the two youngest darted away whenever they noticed me. I wasn’t hurt about their reaction to me so much as I was hurt that they had that reaction at all. No one should be that afraid of the people who were supposed to protect them.
The gathering ended after a few hours. I had a card case full of new business—and a few personal—cards. Several people tried to offer me money to be able to continue my efforts, but I declined. I didn’t like the idea of being paid for what I did; it felt wrong. In lieu of that, they informed me that they would prepare supply shipments of sorts that she could pick up at designated places. The shipments would contain medicine, blood tablets, clothes, bedding, gift cards for local grocery stores, and any other items I might need whenever I was housing anyone. I left the place smiling. Never had I had so much hope as I did then.
When we got back to the cars, Namjoon asked to switch places with either Jimin or Hoseok. I needed to talk to him before he did that. I hesitantly asked to talk to him alone for a minute. I felt doubts creep in the second he agreed. We walked a little ways off, enough that even the others couldn’t hear us if they tried to listen in.
“Were you still going to… um, take me to dinner sometime?” I asked, barely able to keep from stuttering. I fidgeted with the hem of my shirt.
Namjoon looked at me in surprise. “I-I don’t know if that’s such a great idea, considering.”
“I know. I, uh, just wanted to try to figure out... all of this. I thought…” I looked away nervously for a moment. “Maybe we could talk?” I started to babble. “It’s true that I find you physically attractive, but that’s not the same as liking. And I don’t know if I could handle anything resembling a relationship, but—“
“Physical—you’re attracted to me?” Namjoon asked. The tone suggested he was hopeful.
“That would be what you’re stuck on,” I laughed nervously. “Yes, I find you attractive. Who wouldn’t? You’re fit and you have an attractive face with dimples to die for, though you do have purple hair.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Only a second later, my breath caught in my throat as Namjoon grabbed my face gently and lowered his face down to mine.

Get straight to the action, right? Lol. And I love random cameos, there will be more in the future just because I can :) . I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I hope I'm doing alright with setting the story up well. Let me know what you think.
Hope to see you again on Sunday!

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