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He could only stare at the goddess Infront of him. She was perfect, and looking at her now realizing that they both almost lost each other. Made him love her even more. And looking at the small bump she carried with her, made her look all the more gorgeous and he fell deeper in love. She was having HIS child, she was giving him a child and he could not be anymore elated. "Y/n, I love you, I could not be any happier" he said as he placed his hand on her rounded tummy

BREAKING NEWS. 24K leader Cory Hong has finally woken from his coma after 3 months of being unresponsive. As many of you may know Cory was hit by a car driven by mrs.s a known stalker of the group and Cory's girlfriend. The only thing that (y/n) had to say was "I'm so happy he is awake and remembers much of his life, of course there are somethings he will need to remember, but all in due time." As of now 24k has split Into the subs units 2k (rapper line) and 4k (vocal line) and are still active. As to When Cory will return to activities is still undetermined. For now 24k is on Hiatus until further notice.
(y/n) silently read the article until she heard Cory wimper in his sleep. "Cory, wake up it's just a dream" she said as she gently shook him awake.

the sleeping man then jolts awake frantically searching "y/n! where are you!?" finally she manages to gain his attention. "I'm here, I'm right here." the frantic man pulls her close to him as if to assure himself. "I, i thought, thought that you died, it felt so real.."
slowly a tear falls down her face as he speaks and shakes in her arms.

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