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I haven't talked about everything that happened with TOP but when I found out I couldn't help but cry. Seeing the video (shown above) about TOP's mom confirming that he has opened his eyes is the greatest news I have ever heard. I am so glad that he starting to get better. Stay Strong TOP!!♡♡
click the link to read the article-⤵
here's another article-⤵
in this article it says that TOP has regained consciousness and he is able to eat. I am beyond happy.
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Praise the lord. Thank you Jesus for giving him back to his family. TOP you aren't alone everyone is sending you prayers, love and support.
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THANK THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS!!! I prayed like there was no tomorrow, our prayers have been heard, I am in tears. This is wonderful news I'm so happy, I'm happy for TOP's mum too. I hope he continues to get better, take it slow TOP. ❤️🙏
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Im so happy that he is eating and talking. The best news ever.
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I am beyond ecstatic! food is good. Take it slow and you will be home in no time!!! #StayStrongTOP
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i hope he is able to make a full recovery and is allowed to truly rest <3 this is great news!
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