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I haven't talked about everything that happened with TOP but when I found out I couldn't help but cry. Seeing the video (shown above) about TOP's mom confirming that he has opened his eyes is the greatest news I have ever heard. I am so glad that he starting to get better. Stay Strong TOP!!♡♡
click the link to read the article-⤵
here's another article-⤵
in this article it says that TOP has regained consciousness and he is able to eat. I am beyond happy.
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THANK THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS!!! I prayed like there was no tomorrow, our prayers have been heard, I am in tears. This is wonderful news I'm so happy, I'm happy for TOP's mum too. I hope he continues to get better, take it slow TOP. ❤️🙏
i hope they check his creatinine. make sure his kidney function did not deteriorate.i'm worried about the hypertension and high heart rate that was mentioned when he was in ICU. od on prescribed drugs can cause kidney failure.
y'all I'm crying and I haven't even clicked the link yet😢
I was so glad when I saw the news. TOP is my bias and I never thought it would hurt me this bad knowing he was in the hospital. I can't imagine what his family must have felt. Now what's important is that he receives psychiatric help to get better. 🙏