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I posted THIS a looooooong time ago, but I want to do a reboot!

Like I said last time, think of this like a horoscope, but instead of birth signs, I'm going to use Biases :)

Here's how to participate:

1. Leave Your FIRST EVER BIAS and your CURRENT BIAS in the comments (please tell me which is which)
2. On SUNDAY NIGHT I will post the results and tag you if you commented!

For example for me, first bias is JAEJOONG from TVXQ and current is Hakyeon obviously :)

Looking forward to your comments below!

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First: Jungkook Current: Taehyung
6 months ago·Reply
from bts
6 months ago
first bias: jungkook (BTS) current bias: jungkook (BTS)
6 months ago·Reply
first was tao when he was still in exo current is namjoon from bts
6 months ago·Reply
first bias: eunhyuk of super junior current bias:hongbin of vixx
6 months ago·Reply
okay! working on the post now!
6 months ago·Reply